Common symptoms of gallbladder

By | December 26, 2011

Common symptoms of a gallbladder. According to the clinical observation of many common clinical symptoms of gallbladder cancer include the following:
(1) systemic symptoms: fatigue, fever, weight loss, etc., may be associated with cachexia with advanced performance;
(2) gastrointestinal symptoms: loss of appetite, heating gas, nausea, abdominal distension;
(3) abdominal pain: mainly for the discomfort in the upper abdomen and right upper quadrant pain, progressive increase in the latter part of visible persistent dull pain, abdominal pain may radiate to right shoulder, back, chest, etc.;
(4) Other symptoms: When cancer duodenum pyloric obstruction symptoms may occur;
Common symptoms of gallbladder 2. Gallbladder in patients with signs
(1) abdominal mass: 50% of the right upper quadrant tenderness. When the cystic duct obstruction or tumor metastasis to the liver or adjacent organs, it is sometimes hard in the right upper quadrant palpable mass;
(2) Yellow Fever: Late visible sclera, skin, jaundice, etc.;
Common symptoms of gallbladder cancer 3. Gallbladder complications in patients
(1) acute cholecystitis or cholelithiasis: cystic duct obstruction due to cancer caused by secondary infection;
(2) obstructive Yellow Fever: about 50% of patients with gallbladder cancer violations, Explorer can cause obstruction of the yellow plague;
(3) hemorrhage: gastrointestinal and abdominal bleeding.

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