Cancer will be contagious

By | April 13, 2012

Cancer will be contagious, cancer will not be transmitted, it is patients and their families, or even all the people are very concerned about the issue. In this regard, long time ago, a country conducted a test:
More than 40 prisoners sentenced to death, "volunteer" to accept a variety of cancer organizations, or buried them into the body of the test, after many years of careful observation, the result is not a cancer.
Cancer will be contagious, although some cancer, and viral infections, such as leukemia, liver cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, cervical cancer, but so far, have not seen a case of cancer can indeed contagious. Many staff working in cancer treatment, although long-term deal with the cancer patients, but their incidence of cancer in no more than other income increased.
Why cancer is not contagious, cancer cells or tissue to another in the body can no longer grow it?
Cancer will be contagious, because the body's cells or tissues to the outside world can produce antibodies to "exclusion", it can not survive, so cancer is not contagious. In fact, the process of cancer formation, by the carcinogens into the body, and through a variety of cancer-promoting factors, caused by mutations in body cells, and finally lead to cancer. The process of this series is to take a very long time.

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