The circumstances in which cancer can be self-healing

By | April 13, 2012

Circumstances in which cancer can be self-healing, scientists study suggests that a number of factors can make spontaneous regression of cancer:
(1) Cancer as carcinogenic factors subside and disappear.
(2) the role of the tumor because of radiation induced back to stop development.
(3) self-relaxation and the physical and mental "imagery to" practice, make tumor spontaneous regression
(4) women with breast cancer, will be leaving with the arrival of menopause cancer subsided.
(5) Some cancer patients also the secretion of inflammatory and non-specific immune response, results will be a blessing in disguise, spontaneous regression of cancer.
Circumstances in which cancer can be self-healing, the study found, spontaneous regression of cancer patients, most cheerful, like sports. Modern medical research shows that mental state and immune function is good or bad, the incidence of cancer and self-regression, plays an important role, if the patient confidence and the fight against cancer, the survival rate would significantly increase the contrary, the survival rate will be significantly reduced.

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