Genetic cancer can do

By | April 13, 2012

Genetic cancer can do, in most cases, environmental and genetic factors may play in tumor incidence is equally important role. For hereditary cancer, those with a genetic defect of those, 80% to 90% will occur tumors. Virginia Williams's tumor, retinoblastoma and familial polyposis patients, were indicative of cancer and genetic related. In addition to these hereditary tumors, there are some pre-cancerous genetic syndrome (developmental disorder of genetic transmission.) For example:
(1) the wrong hook Liu Bing syndrome (multiple neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis-like state, retinal angiomatosis, etc.), these diseases are autosomal dominant trait, in multiple organs in tumor-like malformation shows defective differentiation, tend to place a variety of tumors;
Genetic cancer can do (2) genetic skin diseases (dry skin color of disease, of disease, symptoms of epidermal dysplasia, etc.), easy to skin cancer because defects in the epidermis;
(3) Bloom's syndrome and Fan Kang – Nepal's aplastic anemia: an autosomal recessive trait, susceptible to leukemia:
(4) immune deficiency syndrome: susceptibility to lymphoreticular system tumors, some patients with birth defects, cancer risk is much higher than normal.
Genetic cancer can do clinically found: breast cancer, colorectal cancer patients, there is some familial tendency.

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