After drug treatment of embolic phlebitis

By | January 21, 2012

Phlebitis after drug treatment of thrombosis, its performance for the injection of intravenous chemotherapeutic drugs used in pain, skin redness, skin pigmentation after the veins along, vascular strips were hard and caused cord vein thrombosis.
After drug treatment of embolic phlebitis:
In order to prevent phlebitis, injection drugs should be avoided directly, and through the infusion of the drug sub-washed small pot of people, and intermittent infusion folder open, so that the liquid is being continuously diluted chemotherapy drugs, to reduce the stimulation of drugs on the venous ;
For many patients with intravenous drug use, or too small, can use the subclavian vein puncture, a catheter inserted into the superior vena cava, it will not cause phlebitis, and reserves the catheter, the Patient to multiple puncture of pain, improved patient quality of life;
also PICC with femoral venous puncture or indwelling catheter method.

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