Other adverse reactions caused by drugs

By | January 21, 2012

(1) hearing loss. DDP can cause tinnitus and hearing loss, severe cases can cause deafness. CBP allows a minority of patients with mild hearing loss.
(2) hair loss. To ADM, EPI, THP, DNR, ACM, IDA and MIT is most obvious, most often make the hair fall off, or even the whole bald. CBP, DDP, CTX, IFO, VLB, VCR, VDS, VP-16, VM-26, NVB, PTX, TXT, HNzMEL, MTX ,6-MP, COLM, Ara-C ,5-FU, CPT-II, TPT, L-ASP, PCZ, o-alanine nitrate Card mustard (A T-1258), ACNU, BUS, Nemo Division Ting (PM), HMM, ACTD, MMC, CB-1348, CCNU, Me-CCNU, BLM, PEP and other drugs can cause varying degrees of hair loss.
(3) (toe) A deformation. With BLM, PEP, PYM, TXT ,5-FU, HU, ADM and so on.
(4) pigmentation. 5-FU, BLM, PYM can lead to skin pigmentation ,5-DFUR, UFT, MTX, TXT, ADM, ACM, MTH, ICRF-159, CTX, BUS, second to water Euonymus alcohol (DDAG), HU and other times Such reactions can occur.
(5) rash. DNR, IDA, ACM, ACTD, TXT, MTX, MTH ,5-FU, FT-207, HCFU ,5-DFUR, HMM, Ara-C, gemcitabine, BUS, DBD, PCZ, nitrogen mustard estradiol phosphate (EMP ), MEL, ACNU, Me-GAG, thiotepa (TSPA), Q, P-DDD, AMSA, are likely to lead to skin wear.
(6) thrombophlebitis. NVB and HNz the most easy to produce phlebitis, MMC, VLB, VCR, VDS, VM-26, rose tree base, ADM, EPI, DNR, MTH, STZ, EST, ACTD ,5-FU, Ara-C, IFO, BCNU , FTM, AT-1258, DTIC, Me-GAG, AMSA, etc. can also cause varying degrees of phlebitis.
(7) fever. BLM, PEP, PYM can cause about 1 / 3 of the patients fever, severe body temperature can reach 40 C or more. There ADM, EPI, IDA, ACM, than the cohort (BST), TXT, THP, MTH, L-ASP, HU ,5-DFUR, Ara-C, double-F cytidine, VDS, DTIC, PCZ, ACNU, TSPA, DDP, Q, P-DDD and so on.
(8) mucositis. MTX ,5-FU ,6-MP, Ara-C ,5-DFUR, ADM, DNR, EPI, THP easier meningitis caused by attacks, especially when using higher doses severe mucositis or mucosal ulcer. There MTH, IDA, PTX, TXT, ACTD, VCR, VM-26, PCZ, HU, PM, double fluoride cytidine (GEM), VLB, MMC, CTX, MEL, CCNU, BLM, PYM, Me-GAG, AMS, etc. can also have varying degrees of mucosal response.
(9) local tissue necrosis. Drug extravasation or leakage caused by the vein, with NVB, VLB, VCR, VDS, MMC, HNz, DNR, ADM, EPI, IFO, STZ, actinomycin D (ACTD) and so on.
(10) allergic reactions. With PTX, TXT, VM-26, VP-16, PYM, ADM, L-ASP, DDP, etc..
(11), flu-like syndrome. With DTIC, gemcitabine and so on.
(12) radiation reaction to reproduce. With BLM, PEP, PYM, ADM, ACTD, TXT and so on.
(13), adrenal dysfunction. There BUS, Q, P-DDD and so on.
(14) pancreatitis. A L-ASP ,6-MP, CCNU and so on.
(15) hypotension. With VP-16, VM-26, Ara-C, Cyclo-C, VLB, PTX, TXT, PCZ, O, P-DDD and so on.
(16) low blood continued. With DDP and so on.
(17) low blood calcium. There MTH, DDP and so on.
(18) low blood pot. A IFO and so on.
(19) low blood sugar. With STZ and so on.
(20) high blood sugar. With STZ, L-ASP and so on.
(21) cataract. There BUS and so on.
(22) osteoporosis. With MTX and so on.
(23) affect fertility. There HN2 "CTX, CB-1348, TSPA, BUS, HU, L-ASP and so on.

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