Local tissue necrosis after treatment treatment

By | January 21, 2012

After drug treatment of local tissue necrosis, when the leakage of chemotherapy drugs strong irritant into the skin, the subcutaneous tissue of the chemical can cause local inflammation, manifested as leakage of drug local skin irritation, severe pain, sustainable 2-3 weeks.
Local tissue necrosis after treatment, such as leakage of drug treatment was not done processing, can cause local skin necrosis, the formation of collapse theft, needed to be a few months ulcer to heal.
Local tissue necrosis after administration of treatment:
to detect. Leakage in the skin when chemotherapy was partial when the patient immediately obvious pain, and you should immediately stop injection drugs, pull out the needle.
timely manner. Local subcutaneous injection with saline do to dilute the concentration of chemotherapeutic drugs, and with 2% procaine partially closed, and then to cold.

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