Acute leukemia requires identification of common diseases with which

By | March 28, 2012

Typical cases of acute leukemia diagnosis, but atypical cases and the early onset of clinical do not have the specific, such as not pay attention to check the blood and bone marrow are often misdiagnosed. Clinical disease should pay attention to the following identification:
What are the common acute leukemia need to identify a disease. Aplastic anemia leukopenia leukemia, peripheral blood showed pancytopenia can be easily understood diagnosed as aplastic anemia. However, leukemia, aplastic anemia than the general state of good, generally not associated with liver, spleen, lymph nodes, and no sternal tenderness; there are no blasts in peripheral blood; bone marrow hematopoietic cells in China and Africa increased, the proportion of non-primitive and immature cells in the increase of the phenomenon.
What acute leukemia need to identify two common diseases. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic purpura has a history of recurrent bleeding, blood loss is proportional to the degree of anemia. Peripheral blood thrombocytopenia, no immature cells: bone marrow does not exist in the raw and immature cells increased, although the platelet rare, but normal or increased megakaryocytes.
Acute leukemia needs to identify which common diseases 3. Rheumatism fever and acute leukemia in long-term bone and joint pain as the main symptoms. If not pay attention to peripheral blood and bone marrow examination often misdiagnosed as rheumatic diseases. Rheumatology Although anemia and hepatosplenomegaly, but to a lesser extent, nor was progressively increased, without thrombocytopenia and bleeding tendency; classification of peripheral blood and normal bone marrow cells.
Acute leukemia needs to identify which common diseases 4. Agranulocytosis as fever and mouth ulcer history, general no significant anemia. Although peripheral blood leukopenia. Neutrophils was significantly reduced, but the red blood cells, hemoglobin and platelets normal, Yuan immature cells appeared in bone marrow were mature myeloid disorders, the normal red blood cells and megakaryocytes.
Acute leukemia needs to identify which common diseases 5. Infectious mononucleosis syndrome (leaflets) of infectious mononucleosis syndrome have fever, superficial lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly; abnormal lymphocytes in the blood, often misdiagnosed as acute lymphocytic leukemia. Infectious mononucleosis, but no progressive disease, anemia, thrombocytopenia, and generally no bleeding, addicted to different agglutination test was positive, bone marrow was normal, only a small amount of abnormal lymphocytes.

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