What type of lung resection

By | October 27, 2011

Resection of lung cancer types: lung resection following way:
(1) lung / double lobectomy: The procedure is a standard lung cancer resection, consistent with the principles of cancer surgery in line with the principles of reliable efficacy and lower complications.
(2) whole lung resection: removal of half of the lung tissue of the body, patients have an impact on quality of life in general try to avoid the line right pneumonectomy resection, but when the tumor is located in the center, and involving the main bronchus to large blood vessels or when resection of lung is still the best choice. Therefore, the surgical center for lung cancer and can tolerate pneumonectomy patients.
(3) partial resection of the lung resection and mode shape: a small portion of lung tissue resection, the surgical procedures for peripheral lung cancer patients and very early, or the disease earlier and with cardiopulmonary dysfunction who can not tolerate lobectomy, also used in local recurrence or metastatic lung cancer.
Type of lung resection (4) bronchial lung resection shape: with the removal of involvement on a parallel with the corresponding bronchial airway reconstruction surgery, more complicated operation, a certain risk, limited experience in carrying out a large medical center.

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