Fatty liver can cause liver cancer do

By | October 27, 2011

Fatty liver can cause liver cancer it? With the people's living standards improve, the incidence of fatty liver gradually increased, fatty liver disease in the end is what? More and more people began to worry about: whether fatty liver into cirrhosis of the liver? Whether fatty liver can promote cancer formation ?
Fatty liver can cause liver cancer it? Under normal circumstances, the liver break down substances in the human body, synthesis, detoxification and metabolism of fat and a series of sophisticated and complex operation has maintained a dynamic equilibrium state. Normal human liver tissue containing a small amount of fat, liver weight of its weight is about 4% -5%. If the excessive accumulation of fat liver, liver weight of more than 10% or even 15%, it is called fatty liver. Fatty liver can be divided into acute and chronic. Acute fatty liver is similar to acute, sub acute viral hepatitis, are relatively rare, the clinical symptoms of fatigue, nausea, vomiting and varying degrees of yellow disease, and short-term hepatic coma and renal failure, severe in a few hours died of complications, if untreated, the condition improved rapidly in the short term. Nearly 60% of chronic alcoholics, fatty liver, 20% -30% will eventually develop cirrhosis. Non-alcoholic fatty liver in the pathogenesis of hepatic fibrosis was 25% lower probability of cirrhosis, the development process is relatively slow, 1.5% -8. 0% of patients can progress to cirrhosis. Chronic fatty liver is more common, slow onset, hiding, a long duration. No obvious clinical symptoms of early, doing B is generally found out by accident, some patients there may be loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, liver pain, abdominal distension and right upper abdominal fullness and feeling of constriction. Because these symptoms are nonspecific, and the general chronic gastritis, cholecystitis similar, therefore, often easily misdiagnosed. Fatty liver injury in a variety of early manifestation of liver toxicity, and essential fatty liver disease itself is not directly related to the occurrence of liver cancer, fatty liver is not liver cancer risk factors, some of the causes of fatty liver, such as alcohol consumption, malnutrition , drugs and toxic substances damage to both risk factors of fatty liver is liver cancer incidence factors; Therefore, the occurrence of liver cancer fatty liver to help move a factor, increases the risk of cancer. Hepatitis virus infection in low-incidence countries, long-term alcohol induced liver cirrhosis is an important factor, about 2% -3% of chronic alcoholics develop alcoholic cirrhosis by liver cancer. Alcoholic cirrhosis in the liver of almost all of those associated with hepatitis B virus, and (or) hepatitis C virus infection, and the coexistence of alcohol and chronic viral hepatitis were the high incidence of liver cancer, early age of onset, life expectancy is short. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as cirrhosis of the liver is low, appeared later, so rare liver cancer. So, stay away from alcohol is to stay away from fatty liver, is far away from liver cancer. Mainly fatty liver disease caused by unhealthy lifestyles, therefore, the general principle in the treatment to correct the unhealthy lifestyle is Lord, to the gradual reversal of fatty liver. For severe symptoms, when necessary supplemented by liver, fat and anti-fibrosis drug.

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