What are early signs of cancer

By | October 27, 2011

Early signals of gastric cancer: early signs of cancer, need people to be vigilant for early signs that targeted diagnosis to the hospital for diagnosis of early detection and early treatment. However, early signs of cancer in the judging process, they often encounter some problems.
Early signs of stomach cancer (1) inadequate understanding of early signs of cancer
Most cancer patients have different levels of the digestive tract or stomach symptoms such as abdominal discomfort on the elusive, pain, sense of fullness, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, and so on. But these are not cancer-specific symptoms, after taking some symptomatic treatment can alleviate the symptoms often do not cause people to mistake it for one or indigestion, gastritis, gastric ulcer. Therefore, the following circumstances should prompt attention to the hospital diagnosis. The age of 4 years of age, previous history of non-stomach, sudden loss of appetite, fullness after meals, upper abdominal pain or weight loss, especially with sour and egg breath odor, it should go to the hospital for diagnostic tests.
Early signs of cancer (2) history of previous stomach
Pain in the past, the regularity of the performance of sudden changes, or converted to persistent pain, poor by ulcer treatment. Usually eat less acid or acidic foods diagnosed atrophic gastritis or gastric dysplasia, a longer history, and suddenly weight loss, anemia, afraid to eat greasy or indigestion symptoms. Age of 40 years of age, known history of stomach, sudden gastrointestinal bleeding (vomiting blood or black stools) or continuous positive fecal occult blood test two weeks or more.
Early signs of stomach cancer (3) gastric ulcer, active treatment for 2 months or more formal unhealed person. Progressive weight loss and anemia, accompanied by dyspeptic symptoms.

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