Type of skin cancer treatment

By | April 22, 2012

Type of skin cancer treatment, (1) blood poisoning caused by damp heat type
Main symptoms: skin lesions of erythema or erosion-like flushing, accompanied by exudate, bleeding, odor, touch the bleeding ulcer and difficult to close, bitter mouth and throat, upset, irritability, red yellow urine, constipation, tongue red, yellow greasy moss, pulse a few slip.
Governing law: heat and cooling blood, dehumidification detoxification.
Recipe: Silver Flower Decoction; combined grass Xue Shenshi Decoction.
Honeysuckle 20g; to the small 20g; Coptis l5g; Prunella l5g; forsythia l5g; buffalo 30g; TPG l5g; paeonol l5g; Dioscorea collettii l5g; or Ren 30g; Alismataceae l5g; talc 30g; licorice 5g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Fang Yi: The side honeysuckle, Prunella, forsythia Qingrejiedu King and medicine, buffalo horn, to D, berberine, red peony, Dan Robinson Qingreliangxue as medicine, Dioscorea collettii hundred kernels, Alisma, talc and Water dampness as adjuvant, to reconcile the various drugs to licorice.
Modified: bleeding ulcers, plus Agrimony, Eclipta prostrata, Rhizoma Imperatae, Puhuang charcoal, etc., and externally with Yunnanbaiyao; ulcer severe throat plus fumarate, Tianqi, frankincense, and myrrh; fever, plus Radix, gypsum. Clinical diffusa, Scutellaria barbata, Paris polyphylla amount of such heat can be added antidote.
Type of skin cancer treatment, (2) type of liver Xuezao
Main symptoms: skin ulcer mound or small nodules, gradually expanding, hard texture, edges uplift, there are ulcers, unhealed after the collapse, with the situation go rather smooth, edgy, poor sleep, Xiong Xie suffering full, coke dry lips, dry stool, thin yellow or red tongue, thin white, thin pulse string.
Governing Law: Liver qi, nourishing and moistening.
Recipe: Dan Zhi Xiao Yao addition and subtraction.
Bupleurum l2g angelica peony root 10g Gardenia l2g l5g paeonol l2g Mountain habitat 30g turmeric l2g Toosendan l2g Scrophularia l5g licorice 6g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Fang Yi: The side Bupleurum, turmeric, Toosendan Shugan Qi King and medicine, the liver blood deficiency, the skin does not wing it is supplemented by Xuezao Angelica, white peony root, raw land, nourishing and moistening the Morrison blood Scrophulariaceae medicine, the liver Xuezao of heat, it is accompanied by paeonol, mountain Gardenia Soothing heat, licorice reconcile various drugs to the drug.
Modified: dry skin or itching, plus wind, Nepeta, Kochia scoparia, Chan Yi, fresh white skin; dry mouth and thirst are, plus TCS, reed rhizome, Ophiopogon japonicus; were constipation, plus hemp Ren, rhubarb.
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