Common symptoms of skin cancer

By | April 22, 2012

Common symptoms of skin cancer, skin cancer, clinical manifestations appear early verrucous skin surface when the protrusions, gradually a great root, dark red skin, when exposed context, the central hard and cracking, following the skin ulcers, steeped endlessly, Results Festival eminence, such as bacteria, such as snakeheads, or fused into discoid plaques, rugged, hard and firm, while rupture blood flow, exposure to the foul smell unpleasant, hard to be cured, falling blood loss, even appeared lost card.
(1) lesions show: more performance for the erythema-like lesions, papules, or slightly higher than the leather-like nodules, with a scaly surface skin desquamation or lame to form, after repeated crusted, scaling, surface erosion , accompanied by exudate oozing. Cycle, erosion surface is continually expanding.
(2) cancerous ulcer: when the lesion infiltrates the deep edge of a little bulge is formed when the ulcer ulcer. Ragged edges, like worm-eaten-like (more common in basal cell carcinoma), or hard and wide uplift, cauliflower was valgus, basal rugged, red granular, often accompanied by necrotic tissue and granulation hyperplasia, crisp Easy bleeding. Sometimes a considerable depth of the collapse point, the shape of the volcanic vents.
(3) secondary infection: ulcer or erosion surface with a sticky pus, abnormal odor, perceived local pain, often accompanied by fever.
Common symptoms of skin cancer, (4) local invasion, destruction: ulcers extended into the subcutaneous tissue and even cartilage and bone occurs when the corresponding parts of the corrosion damage, such as occurred in the face of the basal cell carcinoma can damage the nose, ears, eyes and upper Ricci and other parts of the cartilage and bone tissue, causing bleeding or intracranial invasion, or disfigurement; corrosion occurred in the scalp, skull may involve the dura.

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