The indications and methods of imaging the colon

By | January 3, 2012

Colonography indications indications and methods
(1) colorectal various organic disease, such as inflammatory lesions, benign and malignant tumors, polyps and colon polyps, diverticulitis and so on.
(2) anastomotic conditions and secondary changes
(3) congenital anomalies, such as the giant knot (straight) intestine.
Colonography method of indication and method
(1) barium enema: is now being phased out not.
(2) hypotonic double contrast examination of the colon: as the main check method.
(3) rapid oral barium colonography: mainly used for anal relaxation can not be perfused because of weak persons and barium, physical inconvenience, were difficult to flip. Preparation of contrast agents mannitol or 3.5% barium sulfate Yamanashi drunk plus powder (particles uniform type) 100 grams, plus 100 ml of normal saline. Can not check before the end of defecation, gas injection after row of barium examination.
(4) abdominal stoma hypotonic double contrast examination of the colon: catheter with funnel-shaped head, the pressure in the stoma to prevent leakage of excess barium.

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