Abdominal plain film diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer

By | January 3, 2012

Abdominal plain film diagnosis of digestive tract cancer following diseases:
1, not through the X line the digestive tract stones.
2, peritonitis, abdominal abscess, abdominal mass.
3, gastrointestinal cancer, inflammation, trauma caused by gastrointestinal perforation.
4, abdominal plain film can be observed fetal position, shape, size and number.
5, in the bile duct before angiography and urography, abdominal plain films are often shot routine.
6, intestinal obstruction, and identification of mechanical intestinal obstruction or paralytic intestinal obstruction or strangulation.
7, abdominal abnormal calcification, such as abdominal lymph node calcification, calcification of the liver echinococcosis. Spleen, kidney and adrenal gland, pancreas and other organs have cancer, tuberculosis, parasites, and inflammation can occur when the calcium, according to the form of calcification, location make the diagnosis.
8, abdominal plain film diagnosis of digestive tract cancer can be observed abdominal internal organs (spleen, liver and kidney) of the profile, position and size of the change. Such as liver tumors, hydatid disease, cysts and other lesions of the liver contour can change, and its volume can be increased. Hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney and renal tumors can affect increased. Side of the renal hypoplasia and renal artery stenosis can reduce the renal shadow.
9, according to the image is enlarged psoas muscle, fuzzy, lumbar spine without scoliosis, vertebral bone without damage to diagnose spinal tuberculosis, renal abscess and so on.
10, abdominal plain film diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer in the diagnosis of neonatal gastrointestinal malformations have great significance. Such as esophageal atresia, the gastrointestinal tract can be no gas. Pyloric stenosis, then inflated to expand the stomach, and intestine with little or no gas within the gas. Congenital intestinal stenosis, intestinal atresia or more internal gas expansion and the formation of a liquid surface, and beyond the bowel atresia is no gas. Anal atresia and meconium peritonitis in the abdominal plain film can have on performance.
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