What surgical cancer

By | January 3, 2012

Rectal surgical procedures (1) abdominal perineal resection of rectal cancer: The surgical means rectum, anal canal resection and permanent colostomy completely. This is the classic surgical treatment of rectal cancer surgical procedures. The removal of the lower range of the sigmoid colon, rectum and anal canal, pelvic node within the mesentery, lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, rectum, bladder fossa of the peritoneum, the muscles around the anus, ischial rectal fossa fat and en bloc resection of perianal skin. This surgery for rectal cancer focus away from the lower anal canal 6 cm below the anus, this drawback is to be done to surgical permanent colostomy, inconvenience caused to patients. However, this surgical procedure can be used in almost all cases of root resection of rectal cancer.
Direct colorectal surgical procedures (2) rectal resection: The procedure is to retain control of the rectal bowel resection. is retained in the anal resection of rectum the most common way. Sigmoid resection range artery, vein ligation, removal of the Department of Film, part of the sigmoid colon and rectum, requiring the tumor under 3 cm cut off, at least 10 cm above the tumor to remove the tumor and the bowel and mesentery. Stapler or methods used to fit up and down. The procedure for upper or middle third rectal cancer.
Rectal surgical (3) low colon, rectal or coloanal anastomosis: the kind of surgery there are the two operative. Pap out of surgery. After the free colon, rectum in the anal canal and rectum will be combined with the Ministry to be truncated, will fall outside the colon 7 cm out of the anus rectum and part of the original suture in the anus, will be out 2-4 weeks after cutting the colon, about 25% of bowel function can be retained. Pap surgical. The surgical resection of the rectum and colon, anus anastomosis. Rectum will cut off the bottom side in the dentate line, and then the rectum and sigmoid colon resection, in the anal canal done within the anal canal anastomosis with the colon, usually 3 months to control defecation. But two procedures prone to pelvic infection, local recurrence rate was also high.
Rectal surgical procedures (4) abdominal rectal resection, permanent colostomy: The procedure for anti-tumor located in the peritoneal fold or more parts. If the patient is generally poor, local tumor infiltration or can not be done has been radical resection, in order to remove the obstruction and reduce the suffering of patients, palliative resection can do, far from the incisal suture the rectum. And do the sigmoid colostomy.
Rectal surgical (5) sigmoid colostomy, perineal resection of rectum for the anus, anal canal near the dentate line or fold below the anti-cancer, and Department of frail patients not suitable for major surgery, only in the abdomen colostomy to do simple, little impact on patients. The thoroughness of surgical tumor therapy difference.

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