Surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma

By | April 19, 2012

No matter which part of (I — IV of> kidney lesions and expanded nephrectomy is the most fundamental method of treatment.
1. Radical nephrectomy
Radical surgery is the most basic treatment for renal cell carcinoma. Include removal of perirenal fascia, the ipsilateral adrenal gland, the upper 1 / 2 level of the ureter and renal pedicle to reach the lymph nodes, patients with renal tumors and to breaking of the organization after the one-time complete resection of the ureter.Cancer Therapeutics surgery should follow the principle that the operation should be as soon as possible vascular renal pedicle ligation to reduce blood loss and prevent the spread of tumor cells. Easy to penetrate the renal capsule, renal cell carcinoma, invasion of renal tissues, so they should not be cut after ligation of renal pedicle of perirenal fascia, and fascia beam shall be organized within the en bloc resection.
2. Preserve renal tissue in the surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma
Surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma absolute indications include: bilateral renal cell carcinoma or solitary kidney renal cell carcinoma; contralateral renal dysfunction such as renal vascular hypertension, renal tuberculosis, kidney stones, renal pelvis ureter junction stricture. Relative indications include: small renal tumors (ie, diameter <3cm) and located in the renal outer edge.
Surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma 3. Renal vein and inferior vena cava tumor thrombus in the surgical treatment
Renal cell carcinoma prone to renal vein thrombosis, inferior vena cava tumor thrombus extended to or into the right atrium. In recent years the view that without lymph node invasion or distant metastasis, radical nephrectomy may also remove or remove the vein tumor thrombus in the inferior vena cava tumor thrombus, the prognosis is good.

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