Renal cell carcinoma immunotherapy

By | April 19, 2012

1. Simple immunotherapy
In the late 20th century, 80 reported a variety of biological response modifier (including interferon, interleukin -2 since) have hope for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma, there are reports of kidney cancer immunotherapy are effective up to 20%, similar in chemotherapy.
2. Immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy
Have recently combined with chemotherapy and interferon therapy of kidney cancer reported. Studies suggest that interferon can increase the efficacy of certain chemotherapy drugs.
The biological response modifier (BRM) of the usual dose is:
(1) n. .- 2 high-dose IL-2 ,105 —- 106IU / Zhi, intravenous injection, every 8 hours 1, every 5 days for a period of 3 weeks. Low-dose IL-2, 9X106IU/m2, subcutaneous injection, every 12 hours 1, with 2 days to 1.8X106IU / time, 1 time every 12 hours a week with 5 days for 6 weeks. IL-2 route of administration and doses currently in exploration, and because of their toxicity, long course, expensive is not yet widely used.
(2) IFN
1) IFN- daily 3X106U, per week for 5 days every 6 weeks for a treatment interval of 1 —- 2 months and then reused.
2) and IFN-a2b daily 00 —- 20) X 106U, week 3 —- 5 days.
3) Human leukocyte interferon 100 million each u, 1 time per day for 5 —- 10 days for a course of treatment.
In short, the use of IL-2 and LAK cells or TIL cells and biological response modifiers (eg interferon) in the immunotherapy of renal cell carcinoma can produce certain anti-tumor effect and occasionally to kidney long dissipated.

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