Radiotherapy of Osteosarcoma

By | October 24, 2011

Osteosarcoma, radiation therapy, some patients with osteosarcoma of the comprehensive treatment of chemotherapy and surgery in the best effect. According to reports, amputation or limb salvage surgery and chemotherapy, 5-year survival rate increased to the present 60% to 80%. Some patients with distant disease-free survival can be prolonged. Osteosarcoma, radiation therapy, some of osteosarcoma is sensitive to the radiation, the tumor in some of the ingredients can be destroyed by high doses of radiation. Radiotherapy as an integrated part of the treatment can be preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative, the dose should be 6000cGy above. Infiltration of bone throughout the entire first bone by irradiation to 5000cGy after shrinking field to increase the amount of the original extent of the lesion to 6000cGy above.
Fast neutron radiation showed good efficacy, the domestic application has been started.Osteosarcoma, radiation therapy, the killing effect of high and low dependence on the oxygen cell, the cell cycle of cells of different radiosensitivity of small differences. A controlled study showed that patients receiving chemotherapy. Radiotherapy can make 9-year survival rate from 45% to 70%.

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