Interventional therapy of osteosarcoma

By | October 24, 2011

Interventional therapy of osteosarcoma after vascular intervention is the basic method for arterial blood perfusion and embolization. Has three main purposes:
Interventional therapy of osteosarcoma preoperative arterial chemotherapy, embolization, no further surgery related artery ligation, the surgical simplicity, less blood transfusion. Meanwhile, the tumor necrosis, narrowing or hardening, is conducive to the complete removal of the tumor, reduce the recurrence and metastasis, combined with the pathological observations, to determine the tumor sensitivity to chemotherapy, postoperative chemotherapy provide the basis for the formulation.
interventional therapy of osteosarcoma as palliative treatment, with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Chinese medicine treatment and immune treatment combine to make the growth of tumor shrinkage or slowing, ease pain, prolong life;
after interventional treatment of osteosarcoma arterial chemotherapy, to kill residual tumor cells and reduce the recurrence and metastasis and improve survival.

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