Psychological care after lung cancer surgery

By | October 23, 2011

Lung cancer patients after surgery than the traditional general psychological problems common in patients with lung cancer, but also on the physical and psychological blow to the face of major surgery, psychological care after lung cancer surgery, you should promptly tell your doctor and you feel everything possible to seek the help of relatives and friends and with family members and friends to maintain good relations, which have contributed to your recovery.
Lung cancer surgery often leads to anxiety and depression trauma, some patients may be at first and energetic, tired and irritable after a good mood, and even loss of appetite and difficulty falling asleep. Coupled with the fear and suffering from cancer, concerns about the future, etc. This is exacerbated by negative emotions, we can see that psychological care after lung cancer surgery is very important. Do not these bad feelings in my heart, tell your loved ones should make them for you to share and help you through these difficult times.
Psychological care after lung cancer surgery, family members should also be actively involved in order to recover from patients enlighten, encourage them to take care of themselves life, do not be too much for patients, "protection" to find the appropriate rehabilitation patient groups from the spirit fight against cancer. And with the treating surgeon were followed up to maintain good relations, there are problems receive timely treatment.

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