Liver metastasis to long to live either

By | October 24, 2011

Other parts of the body such as the occurrence of liver cancer, indicating that the primary tumor is already advanced, liver metastasis long to live either? Decided to liver cancer prognosis (whether long-term survival) of many factors, such as the site of the primary tumor, malignant tumor progression speed, range of liver involvement, with or without other parts of extrahepatic metastases and the patients general condition and so on.
Liver metastasis in much longer the higher the malignant tumor, the faster the rate of progress (the rate of cancer increases, the rate of increase in the number of metastasis), liver more wide range of violations, the worse the prognosis, survival to shorter.Liver metastasis long to live either? In general, patients in the diagnosis of liver metastases after more than a year died of various causes. Liver metastases of colorectal cancer prognosis is relatively good, many died of multiple liver metastases 2-3 years; However, after active treatment, solitary colorectal liver metastasis who survived more than 5 years up to 16% -50% .

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