On diet after surgery of esophageal cancer

By | October 24, 2011

The first pay attention to diet after esophagectomy, esophageal cancer surgery diet, due to a period of esophageal resection, the middle of the scar after suturing the esophagus to become so narrow, and poor flexibility, when the expansion is not enough food through the food can not be good by then to close, so often obstruction or reflux, it should eat soft food, liquid food, eat less fried, hard food.
Esophageal cancer surgery diet after surgery of esophageal cancer with traditional Chinese medicine as early conditioning. Western medicine surgery, radiotherapy and other treatment methods have a stronger tumor destruction, but after the physical weakness, the spirit of poor appetite and poor functional diseases is no specific treatment method, while the Chinese in this respect of its unique Department.Diet after surgery of esophageal cancer, modern medicine proved that traditional Chinese medicine to improve the body's immune system and prevent tumor metastasis have a certain effect, but no obvious side effects on the human body. Herbal Treatment therefore chosen for their recovery have a very important role. Qi and blood should be after, spleen appetite-based. Some of proprietary Chinese medicines also have a good therapeutic effect. Chinese medicine hospital patients should go to a regular doctor, remember not to find the so-called folk remedies or certain civil geniuses.

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