Radiation therapy of ovarian cancer

By | April 18, 2012

Ovarian cancer radiotherapy, 1. Preoperative radiotherapy
For isolated, confined to the pelvis, ovarian cancer surgery difficult, especially in patients with chemotherapy is not appropriate. Preoperative radiotherapy can make the tumor shrink, loosening adhesions, improve symptoms, improve the resection rate and reduce the rate of tumor metastasis, reduction surgery to grow, but more to be chemotherapeutic instead. Generally given preoperative radiotherapy tumor dose 2OGy, rest for 2 weeks after surgery; or absorbed dose to the tumor 4OGy, rest 4 "- '8 weeks after surgery.
2. Postoperative radiotherapy
Highly sensitive to radiotherapy and moderately sensitive dysgerminoma of granular cell tumor may consider E of postoperative radiotherapy in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer surgery and chemotherapy should be, to eliminate or shrink the tumor to a diameter of <2cm and then radiotherapy. Appropriate for postoperative radiotherapy after 7 "- '10 days begin.
3. Palliative radiotherapy
For tumors confined to the lower abdomen of patients with advanced or recurrent, and there supraclavicular, axillary, inguinal lymph nodes, pelvic or para-aortic lymph node metastasis. Palliative radiotherapy can shrink the tumor, symptoms, radiation dose was 40 "- '6 OGy.
4. Radiotherapy treatment
(1) external irradiation, including whole abdominal irradiation and pelvic irradiation.
1) whole abdominal irradiation, including the entire basin, abdominal organs, from the breast, pelvic issued. Common methods: fixed Ono whole abdominal irradiation, including the whole abdominal and pelvic = before and after the two fixed field, before and after vertical irradiation, tumor absorbed dose of 20 "- '3 OGy, pay attention to liver irradiation does not exceed 20" – 'SOGy, kidney not more than 14 "- '18Gy, at the above doses, the liver, kidney requires block of lead protection. However, this method re-radiation reactions, patients easily tolerated, and often interrupted treatment
2) pelvic radiation portal includes the lower abdomen and pelvis, is generally flat umbilical upper bound, lower bound for the pelvic floor, Ke Yi tumor size, adjust the scope of violations of the size and shape of the field. Both before and after irradiation through the field to two, tumor absorbed dose of 40 – "'45Gy (6 –.., 8 weeks to complete.) Larger when the palliative irradiation of pelvic tumors, in order to increase efficacy and reduce the radiation damage, according to the tumor reduce the size of radiation field line, the additional dose to total dose 50 – "'6 OGy.
(2) intracavitary irradiation for lesions in the vaginal stump, vaginal recurrence or metastasis. Generally impose appropriate container vaginal brachytherapy or interstitial implantation, the tumor surface or substrate as a reference point, given tumor absorbed dose of about 20Gy.
Radiation therapy of ovarian cancer (3) radionuclide therapy that intraperitoneal infusion of radionuclide colloidal gold or colloidal 32 P m (use more recent years, colloidal 32 P), mainly for early stage patients, such as tumor rupture with ascites, etc. treatment and prevention of intra-abdominal scattered small postoperative residual tumor treatment. However, this method has diarrhea, intestinal adhesions, intestinal obstruction and other serious complications, and the effect is not certain, has been rarely used and instead of intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

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