Comprehensive treatment of cervical cancer

By | April 18, 2012

Once the diagnosis of cervical cancer should be based on patient's age, general condition, lesion extent, complications exist such as to determine the most appropriate treatment. Comprehensive treatment of cervical cancer is surgical methods and the combination of radiation therapy, but adjuvant chemotherapy is commonly used methods. For the terminally ill, can be used before surgery or radiotherapy with chemotherapy, to be part of tumor shrinkage or atrophy after further treatment or surgery or radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy.
1. CIN I grade, CIN II grade
Optional electric coagulation, freezing, laser, within the condensate, cone biopsy and other treatment methods.
2. CIN m level
Elderly or young patients have been fertility, hysterectomy is the most appropriate treatment. Conization may also be used to diagnose specific patients, but the indications should be strictly applicable only to young, disease limited to retain the uterus and fertility or general 'conditions of the poor can not tolerate major surgery, well differentiated cells persons.
3. I period, IIV of treatment
Should be treated by surgery, radiation therapy can be applied. I a2 outside fascia of possible expansion of the whole uterus or hysterectomy. I a2 a wide range of possible sub-total hysterectomy. And ii a I b of the line of required extensive hysterectomy and bilateral pelvic lymph node dissection (before and after surgery can be done with appropriate radiation therapy (intracavitary irradiation).
4. II b of the multi-purpose induction radiation therapy (including external irradiation and intracavitary irradiation.)
5. Advanced cases
Large primary tumor, or has violated the surrounding organs and tissue can be used in radiotherapy or chemotherapy before surgery, to be significantly reduced lesions, then surgery. As part of the H b – mb feasible in patients over extensive hysterectomy and regional lymph node dissection (including the para-aortic lymph nodes).
Comprehensive treatment of cervical cancer, and sometimes mistaken for advanced cases of early preoperative, surgical pelvic lymph node or parametrial tissue that has been metastasis, surgery can not cut the net, or surgical resection specimen pathological examination revealed lymph node-positive or uterine tissues in tumor infiltration, surgery can be used as markers in surgery plus radiotherapy. Chemotherapy before surgery or radiotherapy can be applied before, but also in the postoperative.

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