Qigong therapy of gastric cancer

By | May 7, 2012

Qigong therapy of gastric cancer, gastric cancer and thought Qigong is certainly useful. Qigong practice can be adjusted because of emotions and emotional disturbance, these are the important anti-tumor factor in the development. Are even some reports, qigong can enhance immune function, increased disease resistance. These are no doubt the body of cancer treatment and rehabilitation is beneficial. Efficacy of the treatment of cancer from the current perspective, qigong is more suitable as a supplementary means for the rehabilitation of the tumor.
Through Qigong, the average cancer patient can receive the appetite, restore energy, enhance the physical effect. Because cancer patients are generally comprehensive treatment, so with Qigong, the regulation of yin and yang qi and blood, to maintain balance and stability within the environment, enhance the body's cancer-fighting ability, may play a role to complement each other.
Situation is more complex cancer patients, the condition change is faster, therefore, must be in strict accordance with the principle of syndrome differentiation, according to different tumors, different levels, choose different exercises. Patients must pay attention to the specific combination of circumstances, gradually explored, do not act recklessly. If you experience discomfort after exercise, do not force on practice, the first stop, there is not reason to check, correct and then practice, this is not dealt with under the direct guidance of the teacher's method, if possible, the teacher conditions Under the direct guidance of practice, so relatively safe. Practitioners due to improper violation of the principles or practice, the emergence of human disorders, consciousness, emotional, behavioral disorders and other mental and physical state of abnormal reaction, known as qigong deviation. The abnormal physiological and psychological phenomenon, many types, such as the gas ran more than external action does not have, magic Xin, visual hallucination, phantom smell, etc., can not be made and the elimination, causing exacerbations or new pain, attention should be paid . As early practitioners, as improper posture control, not used to adjust the breathing, ideas do not occur naturally and "abnormal reaction", resulting in systemic or local discomfort, and more can go away, or disappear soon after a symptomatic treatment, not a deviation range .
Qigong whole reason for the deviation is due to the practitioners do not practice to master the tone, in violation of the principle of loose due to static nature, detailed subdivision, may have: lack of clear guidance to teachers; yin and yang is not the condition of patients, the actual situation dialectical practice; blind pursuit of a variety of dynamic touch response; inconstant Gong confusion; practice to no avail; suddenly frightened or mirage believe to be true. In order to get a good qigong effect, prevent the emergence of qigong deviation, so the practice should be aware of the following considerations.
Qigong therapy of gastric cancer 1. Practice before the
(1) To prepare mentally prepared for practice, so that emotions settle down.
(2) The practice of the surrounding environment to be quiet.
(3) practice, the light to the right, not too strong, to avoid stimulating eyes. Air to circulate, but the need to avoid direct hair.
(4) If the more obvious symptoms such as pain and discomfort of the local practice to be asked to take some symptomatic treatment, and then resume practice until the symptoms ease.
(5) Jing Gong practice, should be prepared in advance lying power, take power in the bed and chairs. Generally appropriate bed wooden bed, a fixed body is not easy to shake. Appropriate to the level of chairs, so that the thigh almost parallel to the ground to add cushion generally below the buttocks or blankets for the benefit of sedentary and easy fatigue.
(6) are advised to rule out the toilet in order to comfortably into the quiet.
(7) should undress loose belt, loose clothing to appropriate practice, to remove watches, glasses and other accessories.
(8) Static advised to practice before the power can do first of several sections, such as call-tooth health, stir the sea, Moroccan belly, etc., can help focus thoughts.
Qigong therapy of gastric cancer 2. Practice in the
(1) The practice of such thoughts too much, can not be excluded, they can suspend the practice, the physical activity sections move about or to do work that can help eliminate distractions, reduce distractions until after the practice.
(2) generated on the practice of special feeling, should not pursue, do not fear, to let things slide appear and disappear. Have some special feelings on the case of doubt, in practice qigong instructors to reflect upon, to resolve.
(3) If exercise occurs in the event of a sudden loud noise, cut Do not panic. If the practice of static power, may suspend the exercise, do some relaxation after work to practice. If the training dynamic exercise, a little bit calm, you can continue to practice the original exercises.
3. The end of practice after practice, practice those from the static to static and dynamic power, dynamic power by train from the fixed to the static, there must be received during the relaxation function can not be suddenly stopped work in order to avoid discomfort. In practice, the first for the body to resume normal activities, mental preparation, about two minutes. Then slowly open your eyes, look at physical activity, heart relative rub hands until the heat from the head, face, wiping his hands to the neck to the abdomen, for 1 full-body massage, and then transferred to normal activities.
In addition, women during menstruation to stop the practice for several days. Or in practice, it will be replaced by natural breathing abdominal breathing, will be intended to keep the pubic region pubic region below the belly button in to keep buildings in Italy, this would reduce the practice caused by menstruation and the blood increased.
Qigong therapy of gastric cancer, male practitioners practice should be properly treated in the "spirit left over from the phenomenon." If the number of too frequent nocturnal emission, more than 2 times per week, may be appropriate to take drug treatment and the use of "closed to mention summarized arrived," the treatment, or work with a pocket brush, so that emission reduction in the number. During practice, should avoid excessive sex life, prevent the consumption of energy, damage strength. There shall be a light diet and avoid spicy food, and to ensure adequate sleep.

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