Acupuncture therapy of gastric cancer

By | May 7, 2012

Gastric acupuncture, acupuncture therapy of gastric cancer, is integrated TCM treatment of cancer one of the methods of modern medicine has been used in clinical treatment, particularly in acupuncture analgesia, acupuncture treatment of chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal reactions and leukopenia, etc., are widely recognized.
Acupuncture treatment of gastric cancer in TCM, the accumulated experience of many selected points. Beginning of the 20th century, the continuous development of medical technology of acupuncture, as people of gastric cancer awareness has deepened, for a number of clinical studies and preliminary experimental studies, such as elevated white blood cell and its mechanism of acupuncture research, acupuncture improved the immune function of patients research, have made certain achievements. Many clinical studies have shown that acupuncture can alleviate pain. And the rapid onset, non-addictive, can reduce drug-induced side effects such as gastrointestinal reactions, leukopenia and so on. In addition, acupuncture can still function by enhancing immune function and immune surveillance play an indirect role in killing cancer cells. From the clinical literature point of view, acupuncture is currently with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, adjuvant treatment status.
First, the commonly used acupuncture million cases of gastric cancer
The advantages of acupuncture is reflected in treatment of gastric cancer, relieve symptoms and improve quality of life, etc. As for the intervention of acupuncture can prolong life, there is strong clinical reports are still fresh.
Syndrome type more than gastric cancer in 1978, according to the First National Conference on gastric cancer cooperative group program in Beijing, which is divided into 6 types. Now various types of acupuncture are as follows:
1. Spleen Deficiency Certificate wrist mainly as stomach pain, joy by thermophilic, pale, cold extremities Shenpi, will clear edema, smooth white coating, pulse Chenhuan. Treatment of choice points: Ojo, body column, Body Road, Ling-tai, eight paravertebral Jiaji, spleen, stomach Yu, full three years. Methods: moxibustion of service, each time a group of moxibustion, moxibustion 7-9 per hole and strong, once every other day moxibustion, moxibustion each finished with moxibustion sore cream paste in the points, and so of service. Indications: advanced gastric cancer. Or select Kung-sun, Hong Leong, according to the sea, three hand, the full three years, the customs, lack of other points out, combined with the lift and thrust twisting tactics to get gas for the degree, for the period of gastric cancer.
2. Stomach heat injury card mainly for vaginal burning stomach, dry mouth, want to drink, Weiwanxiashu noisy, abdominal pain after eating, five upset hot, dry stool, red tongue, little coating or yellow moss less fluid. Treatment of choice points: 11 Warren Jiaji chest, chest of 12 addition and subtraction. Nothing dripping person, plus Kim Jin, Yu Ye, Tian Tu; fever who add music pool, external relations; hematemesis those, plus a sea of blood, Geshu, foot Ze. Methods: The reinforcing-reducing method, may air after the needle for 30 minutes, 1 day, 10 times as a course of treatment. Indications: The gastric cancer.
3. Disharmony of liver and cards mainly as epigastric fullness, pain constant threat of channeling and the two hiccups, vomiting, pulse, or string thin, pink tongue, thin white or thin yellow fur. Treatment of choice points: Zhong Wan, Zhang door, the full three years, between the lines. Methods: The reinforcing-reducing in the abdominal, Zhang door, make up the Three Mile, diarrhea between the lines. After the gas needle was left for 30 minutes, 1 day, 10 times as a course of treatment. Indications: advanced gastric cancer.
4. Phlegm condensation card mainly for the brain full of chest tightness, facial puffiness Huang, vomiting phlegm, abdominal distension and Tong, sputum nuclear achievements, tongue pink, creamy fur. Treatment of choice points: Zhong Wan, Zhang doors, Hong Leong, Kung-sun. God, the door can be equipped with ear, endocrine, stomach, spleen, kidney and so on. Methods: Hong Leong reinforcing-reducing diarrhea Gongsun, Zhongwan, Zhang door. May air after twisting reinforcing and reducing lift and thrust, so that the needle being transmitted to the patient up and down along the meridians or acupuncture conduction, the needle for 30 minutes. 1 treatment every other day, 20 times for one course of treatment. Indications: advanced gastric cancer.
5. Qi and blood deficiency card mainly as generalized weakness, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, looking minimalist, virtual trouble insomnia, spontaneous sweating, or yin and yang, thin weak pulse, pale tongue, thin coating. Treatment of choice points: Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Geshu, spleen, Zhongwan, Shenshu, too river. Methods: Acupuncture was gas, provided the basis of interpolation diarrhea, a little modified to make the main. Volume can be mild moxibustion Ai Zusanli Gongsun. The needle for 15-30 minutes every other day 1, 15 times as a course of treatment can be based on the patient situation between 7-10 days rest. Indications: Gastric cancer during chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
6. Stasis resistance card mainly as stomach irritation Ang, Xin Xiapi hard, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, skin a mistake, dark purple tongue, the pulse was fine astringent. Treatment of choice points: the customs, Zhongwan, the full three years, Hegu, Qu pool, three hand, the stomach area Ashi. Methods: Acupuncture was provided after the gas inserted twisting, true heat of those cards, should be reducing method, light without leaving a sting, the needle should be fast; card is Deficiency, should complement, deep and stay for long thorns out needles should slow the needle for 30 minutes. 1 acupuncture every other day. Indications: Gastric cancer and hospital abdominal pain.
The programs described above, the accumulation of clinical experience in the crystallization of long-term experts. I understand that acupuncture treatment of gastric cancer , the first when Bianqi syndrome, and then catch the main card, because of legislative candidates for points, or acupuncture, or moxibustion, with Western medicine and psychological counseling, meditation will be beneficial to patients.
Second cancer acupuncture, acupuncture analgesia
Cancer pain is one of the most common symptoms. Acupuncture is the practice of people in the production and life summed up in one of the ways to eliminate pain. Acupuncture pain treatment method can be traced back to China in primitive society. Until the Warring States has formed the theoretical basis of acupuncture analgesia.
About the pain, and (Su asked to cite the pain of) pointed out that "more than popular meridians, circumferential endlessly, by the protracted late into the cold, sobbing and not, off the blood in the veins outside the small, off the blood in the veins unreasonable, so However, pain and death. "the general concept of pain medicine that" paralysis of blood and qi stagnation, not General pain ", which shows that" pain "and" gas "is closely related to the" Confucian pro-door thing "in the said" all the pain are because of the gas. " In the "absence," "coma," the situation does not cause pain, that "pain" in "God" to generate participation. The competent organs of God, the ancients considered the "heart", so-called "hidden heart of God" (Plain Questions to the larger theory of truth) that "all itching sores, all belong to the heart," After the Yuan Dynasty physicians recognize that God's in charge organ is the brain, not heart, the brain as the "soul of the House", which explicitly pain as a function of the brain. With the modern study of acupuncture analgesia carried out joint research in Western medicine, acupuncture points on the surface not only has some analgesic effect, but also the deep pain and
referred pain, but also has some analgesic effect.
Acupuncture has the following characteristics: both increase the pain threshold and pain tolerance threshold, can increase up to 65% of control values 180%, but also reduce the pain of emotional response. Can inhibit the body surface pain, but also reduce the deep pain and referred pain. Both reduce the pain resolution, but also improve the standard of reporting pain. However, acupuncture analgesia, but also by the following factors: individual differences, specific acupuncture points, acupuncture stimulation parameters, may air condition, acupuncture time.
Acupuncture analgesia is safe, no side effects; for a wide range; were clear and easy patient cooperation; with overall adjustment. That is, through the "rule of God" and "modified atmosphere" role to achieve analgesia. Rule of God, then "make gas easier" to moving the gods. "Breathing, blood is running in the regulation, regulating blood and viscera Piansheng meridians, so that" more than "," inadequate "to coordinate, corrected. Clinical acupuncture analgesia used, including:
1. Filiform needle plus moxibustion to all points more than the main acupoints, application end to end point selection, Yu Mu acupoints method of distribution points, plus the application under the combined points, eight points and other specific points will, to achieve the purpose of treating pain. Acupuncture Point Selection: the main point: the abdominal, lower abdominal, Zhang door, spleen, stomach Yu, Geshu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao; Distribution Point: Hong Leong, Kung-sun, Shenshu; moxibustion selection of points: the Abdominal, Lower Abdominal, stomach Yu, Pi, Guan Yuan, the full three years, God Que, Sanyinjiao. Plus four Guan Qi stagnation, needle reducing method; blood stasis type plus breast Yu, Taizong, Taichong, diarrhea of the needles; phlegm type Moxibustion spleen, Hong Leong, Mei Xue Zhuang 5-7; stomach yin deficiency type Add overcast valley, the full three years, make up the needles; Spleen Deficiency Type plus Pi, stomach Yu, hidden white, strong 5-9 per hole moxibustion; night pain stomach area even desirable scalp, nose and stomach area of acupuncture needles, the needle to the next morning. 2. Acupuncture points close to the methods of procaine closed Hegu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Ashi point, the treatment of advanced cancer pain.
Acupuncture treatment of gastric cancer 3. Wave after transmission through the use of millimeter wave therapy upon conduction through the treatment of cancer pain, the light simply to the millimeter wave therapy; in severe pain to the millimeter wave and hydrochloric acid dihydro Ai Tuofei treatment. Acupoints in the back shu points mainly with the full three years, training the Qi Sanyinjiao.
Acupuncture treatment of gastric cancer 4. Special point selection method
(1) Meridian Flowing point selection method: take three groups of points – the full three years, Zhongwan; the customs, the full three years; Gongsun, Liang Qiu. Three groups were in the chenshi, noon, Sishi take meridian reinforcing-reducing method, the needle.
(2) 1,2-acupoints stomach point method: the stomach were located at points 1,2 7,8 adjacent to open thoracic spinous process tenderness at 1 inch, vertical or diagonal spinal needle, to the twisting reinforcing-reducing method.
(3) was given within the relevant legislation: the Off the Envelope, do not go triple burner, but also for Bamo intersection points, Tung Yin D, together in the stomach, triple burner with a pass transfer of the gas, stomach pain of the work together. "Dragon Song" cloud "belly of the gas harder and harder to block the pain, anti-off point should be inward, the famous Eight Point Yin-dimensional, well-being of the belly of the disease forever.
Acupuncture treatment of gastric cancer 5. Electroacupuncture analgesia combined three points to take Hegu step, the customs, the full three years, Sanyinjiao, was followed by 6805-type gas electric acupuncture apparatus, moderate high-frequency stimulation, the needle for 30 minutes, 2 times, while giving the pain medicine.
Modern experimental studies suggest that, in the Yang Ming meridians lung, under the diaphragm, is large intestine, through chest and abdomen, Hegu based upon the original hole, around the original Yang-Ming Qi, experiments show that systemic analgesic effect Hoku is the best point; Pericardium Meridian Cave off, do not go Shaoyang, through the yin meridians, the main thoracic various diseases; tributary by the Hand-Shaoyang Meridian, Tom Lee triple burner, attending chest pain, hypochondriac pain, low back pain. The three points for the pain the main point, can be used for analgesia and the spinal nerve segment coupled with distribution similar to the back shu points.
In clinical application, select the above methods and points for the treatment of mild pain (4 The following pain) was significantly effective, a combination of drugs and other methods of treatment of moderate to severe pain, have effect. Acupuncture therapy can also avoid the application of analgesics due to the emergence of nausea, constipation, dizziness and discomfort, and have a certain antagonism. Clinical selection of points is simple and easy to operate.

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