Dietary treatment of gastric cancer patients

By | May 8, 2012

Dietary treatment of gastric cancer, based on Chinese medicine theory, combined with modern nutritional science, pharmacology knowledge, the role of selection with anti-cancer drugs and food composition of diets, a nutritional physical, righting the special anti-cancer effect. Chinese diet for cancer prevention and treatment have important clinical significance.
A reasonable diet, is a natural way to get enough nutrients, and reasonable nutrition the patient was able to enhance the physical, so-called "Wei Qi is a raw, no Stomach is dead." Gastric cancer patients in the loss of appetite, nutrition intake, physical deterioration, so the dietary treatment of gastric cancer patients becomes more important. Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine after many years of oncology clinical practice, the formation of a more complete treatment of gastric cancer patients diet theories and methods are available for reference.
(A) the principle of dietary treatment of gastric cancer patients
1. Balanced diet due to greater consumption of gastric cancer patients, it is necessary to ensure adequate nutrition. Measure the nutritional status of patients with good or bad, the easiest way is able to maintain weight. In order to make weight to maintain normal levels, the best way is to maintain a balanced diet. Require patients to eat high-calorie, high-quality protein, vitamin-rich foods such as fish, lean meat, milk, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and so on. Furthermore, it should eat more fresh vegetables, green leafy vegetables and should be half.
2. High nutrition diet high nutrition diet is high protein, high calorie, high vitamin, high-salt diet. High-protein diet supplemented mainly to patients all the necessary amino acids. The balance of amino acids can inhibit tumor development. So cancer patients should eat more protein-rich food, especially high-quality protein. Such as lean meat, eggs, beans, milk and so on.
Gastric cancer patients with poor appetite, eat less, without a sufficient amount of a balanced diet, the need to improve the heat and eat meals easy to digest and absorb fats, sweets, such as deep-fried honey, bee Yu syrup, sucrose and vegetable oil, butter and so on.
Vitamin A, C, E, K, folic acid, has a supporting anti-tumor effect. Vitamin A mainly in liver and fat of animals, vitamin E found in cereals germ, vitamin C mainly in fresh vegetables, fruits, carotene into the human body can be converted to vitamin A, so cancer patients should eat animals liver, carrots, cauliflower, day lily, cabbage, figs, dates and so on, should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, pumpkin, bamboo shoots, asparagus, apple, plum, peach, etc., said the monkey.
Inorganic salts, that is minerals. Of salt per unit for the nutritionist to two categories: major elements, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, etc.; trace elements such as selenium, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, germanium, and so on. Scientists have discovered that selenium, magnesium, copper, magnesium, iron and other minerals have a role in cancer. Gastric cancer patients should eat foods containing anti-cancer effects of trace elements, such as garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, corn, seaweed, kelp, seaweed, clams, fish, egg yolks, brown rice, beans, whole wheat flour, nuts, pumpkin, cabbage , kohlrabi and animal liver, kidney, and ginseng, wolfberry fruit, Chinese yam, Ganoderma lucidum and so on.
3. Protect the gastric mucosa avoid eating high-salt, excellent, over-hot food, avoid binge drinking, overeating, if necessary, Eat small meals, to regularly quantitative, eating digestible diet.
4. Food must be fresh and more fresh vegetables and fruits, increase the quality of the protein supply, the system does not eat fat food, do not eat smoked, fried, fried burning of fish, meat, a reduction of ammonium nitrite intake. Do not smoke, do not eat Sim, spicy and other irritating foods.
5. According to the symptoms of gastric cancer patients in therapeutic options have Weiwanxiashu Department of fullness, pain and other symptoms of food product Needless, therefore, should eat easily digestible foods, such as plum juice, fresh orange juice, hawthorn juice, fruit juice, ginger syrup, noodle soup, fresh millet porridge, so as to aid digestion and relieve pain.
Gastric cancer patients commonly nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, Yi Shi appetizer Jiangni of light food, such as almond milk, lotus root starch, corn meal mush, gold barrel cake, hawthorn and other easy to digest food cake, cut out of heavy oil fatty.
Multiple injuries and blood after gastric Erzhi malaise, rigor, anorexia, spontaneous perspiration, should BNI based. Edible fish soup, black chicken soup, ginseng tea, longan, white fungus, turtle, eat hard cold food.
Gastric cancer patients during chemotherapy, prone to lightheadedness, general weakness, nausea, vomiting, leukopenia embolism. At this time the patient edible milk, coffee, eggs, tomatoes, figs, plum, ginseng tea.
A gastric cancer patients in the state in a systemic failure, difficulty eating. Should be righting the main, in addition to increasing the nutrient, the commonly used American ginseng or white ginseng soaked in water to drink to enhance the function of its organs.
Dietary treatment of gastric cancer (II) ones for the application of
Ones for important components of rice and glutinous rice, with excellent Spleen Stomach, the role of nourishing the day after tomorrow. Compatibility of drug and rice, to be compared Shixiang, treatment with drugs and the role of synergy between food and nutrition. For example, ginger is used to warm in the cold-dispelling Chinese medicine, there is no nourishing effect, apply only in the cold syndrome; rice and glutinous rice to spleen Qi, but not the power and cold; if they are compatible, boiled taking porridge, then became Warming stomach, cure stomach Deficiency of food governance prescription.
Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of TCM oncology patients with gastric cancer and diet are ones for fruit juices, juice-based. Ones for the cooking in two ways:
1. M cook whatever edible medicine Chinese medicine, such as lotus seeds, yams, Coix seed, longan, jujube, etc., can be the same with rice congee. The cooked ones for not only has the exact effect, but also to add ones for the taste and form, color, such as Hasumi porridge, yi dates such as porridge.
2. Drugs, m-point
(1) juice, porridge: This method is commonly used, method is to first mention of drug juice and juice, then cook with the rice thing. Has a tonic effect of the parameters such as the Ling porridge, that is, with ginseng, Poria, ginger decoction, to slag juice, then add rice, boiled ones for. Law can not be used for food or medicine should not be the case with the rice cook, sweet fried porridge, porridge bamboo is also such a case.
(2) porridge mixed with juice: This law applies to a divergent ones for the role. Is first mention of drug juice or juice, rice thing has to be cooked into porridge, and then mix thoroughly concoction mixed with porridge Porridge made. Such as Nepeta porridge, first with the Nepeta, lobster sauce, mint decoction, juice to the residue, then add cooked rice has been in service by the heat. Rehmanniae porridge is also in this category.
(3) hit powder: upcoming ones for branded drugs in the powder, porridge cooked, planted the powder, while the withdrawal, while mix, thick porridge Serve. Mainly used in medicine but not for a long time to cook edible ones for a class. If that is the first leather leather cereal grains, pepper research for the fine powder, with rice porridge, after boiling the powder thrown into the second flavor, into a thick gruel can be taken orally.
Dietary treatment of gastric cancer (c) meal syndrome differentiation of gastric cancer patients
After years of clinical practice, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of TCM oncology therapeutic in patients with gastric cancer, the patients were divided into the main deficiency, yin
and stomach heat syndrome type 3, I, were treated with diet, diet and No diet . Also according to the specific circumstances of the patient and the patient tastes, you can choose different foods and fruit juice or vegetable juice compatibility. Such as:
Diet I, mainly by Codonopsis, Astragalus, Poria, rice, Coix seed, jujube and other components. For biased deficiency patients.
No. diet mainly by heterophylla, wolfberry fruit, lily, rice, Coix seed and so on. For biased deficiency patients. on mainly by the almond diet, Zhuru, Poria, rice, Coix seed and so on. For patients with stomach heat biased.
(D) of gastric cancer therapeutic formulas
1. Leek juice to drink milk
Raw materials: raw leek root, leaf amount, milk 200ml, ginger juice 250ml.
Production Method: Wash leeks, smashed, wrapped with gauze after the Jiao Zhi. 100 each to take leek sauce, boil the milk, slowly swallowed into the ginger juice, daily frequency service.
Comments: This product in Hong leek juice, spicy ginger, milk GAN Run, the food a distinctive flavor. Bank of China for the warm air function, stasis by sputum, Jiangni vomiting pain. For stomach bloating, vomiting, stomach tumor, hard and blood stasis type of person.
2. Jalan Wisteria Ling Tang
Ingredients: Coix seed 20g, water chestnuts 20g, fresh wisteria 20g, honey appropriate.
Production Method: Wash the water chestnuts, peeled take the meat, wisteria stems Article washed, cut into pieces. Water chestnut shell, wisteria stem piece into gauze bags, into the pot, add the amount of water; coixenolide, Ling meat down into the pot, stir boiling first, then boiled with a slow fire, into the congee, add a little fresh honey seasoning.
Comment: The sweet taste, quality incense, palatability. Shenshi spleen function, detoxification, swelling. For constipation, stomach pain, anti-gastrointestinal cancer.
3. Arrowhead asparagus soup
Ingredients: Arrowhead Mountain 30g, asparagus 300g, crystal sugar.
Production Method: Arrowhead Mountain scrape off the outside skin clothing, wash, drain, cut into pieces. Wash asparagus, cut into pieces. The two flavor cooked into the pot, add water, remove and drain. Arrowhead films, asparagus, rock sugar into the bowl add a small amount of MSG, placed steamed for 20 minutes, cooked, remove the food.
Comment: This fresh micro-fragrance, sweet and refreshing. Function of detoxification and stomach, Endometriosis Phlegm. For Xiong Xie, epigastric pain, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, hiccup, as the gastric cancer patients with fever.
4. Astragalus Hericium Chicken
Material: Hericium l50g, Astragalus 30g, tender chicken 250g, cabbage heart 100g. 1 egg, onion, ginger, rice wine, pepper, oil, salt, soup, water, starch, the amount of sugar.
Production Method: Hericium into the basin, into the boiling water (water should not have Hericium erinaceus), issued after a good wash, remove, squeezed the water, slashing the black end of Hericium erinaceus, the hard part of the hair , then cut into 3mm thick foam flakes into the water; cabbage choice to the old yellow leaves, wash dishes eager to retain paragraph; Astragalus washed and cut into sections; ginger slices; chicken eggs, thin salt, water, starch grout. Astragalus washed into gauze bags, tightly enclosed pocket, with the fire stew juice. Burning hot pan release oil into the hot oil to three, to release the chicken, stir-fry until the color, immediately Hericium mushroom slices, cabbage hearts into segments, mix evenly, then pour Lek to oil stand-by . Then fanned out onion ginger flavor, put cooked oil, rice wine, thin salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and so on and soup, Astragalus juice, boiling water, starch hook after the folder, and then turn the chicken pieces into the mix and so uniform, that is topped with sesame oil be.
Comments: This pale, delicious aroma, chicken tender and smooth, with a southern flavor. Function of qi, blood, spleen and stomach swelling diuretic. For qi, blood, spleen and stomach, eat less, the body weight loss, Shen Juan weakness of the blood of patients with type two losses.
5. Shiquandabutang
Ingredients: Codonopsis 30g, Radix Astragali 30g, cinnamon 30 Rehmannia 30g, Atractylodes fried 30g, fried Chuanxiong 30g, angelica 30g, wine, white peony root 30g, Poria 30g, Baked Licorice 30g, pork 1000g, pig stomach 1000g, cuttlefish l50g, ginger 100g , miscellaneous bone and poultry melon, wings, pig amount.
Production Method: installed for the above drugs at parties after the bulk bag yarn Zhakou, set aside. Made through the periosteum to the net cuttlefish, pig stomach, miscellaneous bones, pig, etc., were washed, including broken bones stick, ginger, washed film break, set aside. The above drugs and the prepared food at the same time into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, Wu Huo heated to boiling, the net write-floating foam, slow fire stew two hours, the meat, squid, chicken and duck wings claws picked up, cool air into the right film, wire, block, respectively, in full bloom, depending on the number of its components, install them one by one bowl, and then injected Yao Tang. Description: Shiquandabutang food and medicine can be applied a points system method.
Comments: This soup is made by the SDT decoction. Loss of the original parties who indulge in blood Deficiency governing the card, use has been really effective. Is also added pork, squid, poultry, etc. under the foot stew, its nourishing tonic to strengthen the role of whom have the power better blood warming. Applicable to blood shortage, Jiubingtixu, pale complexion and other biased Deficiency of card.
6. Poria buns
Ingredients: Poria 109, flour 1000g, fresh pork SOOg, ginger l5g, pepper 5g, sesame oil 10g, Shaoxing wine 10g, salt l5g, soy sauce 10g, green onions 2Sg, bone soup 250go
Production Method: Poria skin to the net, water run through, steamed soft slices, juice with the boiling method, each time with water, respectively, about 400ml, heat and cook to mention 3 times, each time mentioning cook 1 hour, three times a concoction consolidated net filter and then condensed into a 500ml, set aside. Add flour, baking 300g or so, warm water Poria 500ml, and into the dough fermentation. Pork mince, into the basin add soy sauce, ginger, salt, sesame oil, Shaoxing wine, green onion, pepper, soup bone, stir into the stuffing. To be made into a dough, add alkaline amount, plus filling made of buns. Will be put into the green body wrap steamer, steam for I5 minutes in boiling water Serve on the use of force.
Analysis of dietary treatment of gastric cancer: The consumption of steamed buns and the general differences, is that joined the Fuling, a spleen rather heart, and Water Shenshi effect. Therefore, the goods on the Spleen wet Sheng and see bloating, eat less, then pigs, dysuria, or patients with insomnia, palpitations, eat it useful.

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