How parathyroid tumor proliferation and metastasis

By | December 12, 2011

Parathyroid gland is a small flat oval-shaped glands, was brown, often located on both sides of the posterior wall of the thyroid, and some buried in thyroid tissue, or in the mediastinum in the chest. About 93.5% of people have two pairs, but also how to 5 or just 2 persons. Normal parathyroid glands in each of the more 30 ~ 50mg, about 6.5mm 3.5mm 1.5mm. Gland has rich blood supply, but also the main cell and eosinophil cells. Primary cells with abundant glycogen, is the secretion of parathyroid hormone (PTH) cells. When the secretion is active, the cytoplasm of a large number of secretory granules. Water cells from the main cell, the cell will be stained bright and named, more common in parathyroid hyperplasia or adenoma. Eosinophils do not contain sugar per the eosinophilic granule cell body larger eosinophilic cytoplasm reaction process, not the secretion of hormones, is generally considered the main degradation in cells.
Parathyroid tumor proliferation and metastasis mainly through the transfer of the following ways:
parathyroid tumor proliferation and metastasis of local invasion. Trabecular cells were arranged in a continuous capillaries around, gradually, a fibrous capsule or fiber bundles around the tumor, while continuing to expand outward, violations of the gland capsule and blood vessels, and with the formation of nodular tissue adhesions around the uplift, the When palpable neck nodule or mass.
parathyroid tumor proliferation and metastasis of invading into adjacent organs. Parathyroid and thyroid, trachea, esophagus and other organs adjacent, so often a direct violation of these adjacent organs. Information has been reported that hyperparathyroidism with thyroid dysfunction was 20% -60%, 1976-1989 Statistics on the HPT UCLA Medical Center after surgery in 308 cases, found 52 cases (17%) the coexistence of cases. Statistics show that many of hyperparathyroidism in patients with nodular thyroid disease by up to 60%, a swelling of the parathyroid tumors might arise due to the location of gravity variations in the upper part of esophageal cancer can be lowered along the post- mediastinum, along the lower part of the thymus may drop into the anterior mediastinum. 160 cases of domestic materials, according to autopsy reports, including 122 abnormal parathyroid glands located in the middle of the tongue under the neck thymus, 6 thymus in the mediastinum, 6 and thyroid in the carotid bifurcation, so the next ectopic thyroid gland tumors, but also violations of the adjacent organs and lead to adverse consequences.
parathyroid tumor proliferation and metastasis of lymph node metastasis. Cancer cells can also be transferred through blood or lymph to the lymph nodes, parathyroid cancer, with varying degrees of lymph node metastasis, and often occurs in severe bone disease, kidney disease, it is generally more common for the local lymph node metastasis, including the trachea or neck transfer of lymph nodes and thymus, lymph nodes and organs rare systemic metastasis.
parathyroid tumor proliferation and metastasis of cultivation. Whether it is benign or malignant parathyroid tumor, surgical tumor rupture and spill the contents stick, planted parathyroid tissue may occur many. Rattner and other first reported 4 cases, such as the 1988 Akerstrin also reported 37 cases. Grown to become a major cause of recurrence, and if this lack of awareness is another easily be mistaken for the primary lesion.

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