Antitumor characteristics of the application of clinical nursing

By | December 12, 2011

Clinical Nursing antitumor drugs have the following main characteristics:
1. Antitumor drugs on the local stimulation of large cells were generally normal tissue has a strong killing effect. Drugs, such as nitrogen mustard extravasation, can cause local skin and tissue necrosis. In the event of leakage need to be properly applied against the drugs, such as nitrogen mustard extravasation acid with sodium thiosulfate, vincristine class rates for the use of bicarbonate of local care.
2. Systemic toxicity is the large majority of patients, whether oral or intravenous administration appears most of the digestive tract, bone marrow suppression and immune system suppression and other symptoms of more serious degree, and even become one of the leading causes of death.
3. Antitumor agents of clinical care characteristics and requirements of time-sensitive application of anticancer drugs requires high technical conditions. Such as Ara former intravenous injection injection must be completed within 3-5 seconds, nitrogen mustard unstable performance, injection must be completed within 10 seconds.
4. Antitumor agents demanding storage conditions, such as cyclophosphamide should be dark plastic cool at room temperature 32 C the following stored thiotepa should be dark, dry, at room temperature 12 C the following preservation.
6. Antitumor agents of clinical care and the characteristics of combination antibiotics more incompatibility can not be combined with penicillin G salt.
7. Hypersensitivity side effects of some drugs to be done only after the application of negative skin test or trial only after the injection of large doses. Application of anti-cancer drugs can occur in most patients stomatitis or ulcers.

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