Why natural healing cancer

By | December 12, 2011

Why natural healing cancer? Cancer natural healing is clearly a large number of clinical observation has been confirmed, however. In the end what factors play a leading role, the mechanism how, but it is a very complex issue. Based on available information summarized in the following factors may have spontaneous regression of tumors plays an important role.
Why malignant spontaneous regression (a) the role of endocrine
Endocrine disorder will lead to the imbalance of hormones, thus affecting the body's physiological function and the ability to resist cancer. Practice shows that the change of certain endocrine tumors, or inhibit the development of an important role. Vibration, such as pregnant women with breast cancer, showed rapid growth, suggesting that changes in hormone levels and tumor growth. Removal of the ovaries with a clinical method for breast cancer, sometimes can make the tumor and metastasis tends to disappear. Confirms this. Smi-turs reported three cases of breast cancer patients, because spontaneous menopause, spontaneous regression of breast cancer have been leaving for 17 years. Therefore considers that the Department of malignant endocrine changes in spontaneous regression may be one of the factors.
Why malignant spontaneous regression (b) fever and infection
Fever and infection can make the tumor spontaneous regression phenomenon has attracted people's attention, 1866 Busch has reported 1 case was diagnosed as malignant histological diagnosis of patients, after a 2 erysipelas infection, tumor regression was miraculously . Since then there have been many scholars have studied, and had to heat treatment as a treatment for cancer, tumors detected earlier after infection, spontaneous regression of the disease caused by pneumonia, smallpox, the disease, tuberculosis and erysipelas infection . On the heating mechanism to promote tumor spontaneous regression has not yet fully understood. People have two kinds of speculation, a speculation that cancer patients are also in the acute infection, the ability of the host against tumor beneficial effects may occur, which may be due to infection and fever to bring the body specific pathogens, or is the role of endotoxin from the other, through the decomposition products of pathogenic microorganisms on the immune system to produce stimulation, which played a not yet fully understand the unique regulatory role. These pathogens can cause fever, endotoxin may be able to change the specific antigen of the tumor cells, thus increasing the body's response capacity; while infection itself can stimulate the body's reticuloendothelial system and the hematopoietic system, resulting from the cell increased, the antibody generation and increase the synthesis of IFN; addition of endotoxin can also work through non-immune mechanisms, such as Cooieg toxins, has been shown to cause experimental 'hemorrhagic necrosis of tumors.
Another speculated that the heat can cause irreversible damage to tumor tissue. This is because the tumor tissue and normal tissue in different environments, tumor blood vessels arranged in chaos, the metabolism of cancer cells than normal cells is much more to be strong in body temperature normal blood circulation within the tumor tissue is essentially in overload, when the sudden increase in body temperature, blood circulation within the tumor can not continue to accelerate, heat enters the tumor tissue is difficult to do in a timely manner as normal tissue that comes out, it resulted in tumor tissue may cause irreversible damage. But usually only 20% of normal tissue around the capillaries are in the open state, when heated rapidly when hair cells through the blood vessels expand, blood flow velocity accelerated to achieve the cooling effect, so that the temperature within the normal tissue Bu Zhiyu too high, or even damage the case of F has been maintained at level of organization can withstand without damage or injury of a minor.
Why malignant spontaneous regression (c) the body automatically off cancer
People know that tumor cells derived from normal body, normal cells become abnormal Why become cancer cells, is due to external factors and cancer-promoting factors of various carcinogenic effect on the body of the results. Cellular and molecular level in the body to break the balance of internal and external environment, and ultimately showed abnormal cell division and differentiation of malignant tumor appears. Under the right conditions so long as the tumor and the body to adjust relations between the environment, gradually restored between the tumor and the body and the body and the balance between internal and external environment, abnormal tumor cells also can be converted to normal. Thus, internal and external environment of the body in unusual circumstances, the tumor can occur, and when such an exception into a normal, cancer cells and cause abnormal "off Cancer" phenomenon. External factors in the body without any cases, the regulation through its own internal and external factors to promote tumor cell differentiation and abnormal proliferation of abnormal phenomenon can be checked, and the reverse transformation occurs in nature, from abnormal to normal, thus completely Shiqu malignant cells morphology and properties is entirely possible. Literature suggests that in embryonic spontaneous regression of malignant tumors, this phenomenon of the body's auto-off may be an important factor in cancer. Malignant tumors in children, such as neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma and other, natural healing phenomenon may be related to a large extent with the age of the child's growth and a variety of immune functions against external stimuli and invasion of abnormal enhancement of the body environmental changes within a clear relationship.
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