Control of pain medication

By | January 1, 2012

Cancer patients during the treatment of pain points so that the patient anxiety, insomnia or loss of appetite, and increased patient physical and psychological changes, only the relief of pain in order to restore the patient's interest and confidence in life, analgesia should be an important component of cancer therapy section. Therefore, controlling pain medication should pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) route of administration: orally based.
(2) drugs by step: According to the escalation of pain, generally the first to use non-opiate drugs, if the dose can not be used to achieve analgesia, it can add the weak opioid medicines. If they still can not be combined with pain, use a strong opioid medicines.
(3) doses of the individual: the physical differences based on the patient medication, the premise of ensuring the safe and effective, the drug dose from small to big, until the patient does not hurt so far.
(4) The administration of pain medication on time: According to pain, regularity and effective analgesia for the first time when asked to give pain medication on time. In order to maintain an effective drug in the blood concentration of the pain stimulus control in pain between below.
(5) combination therapy: the moderate to severe pain, it is best to use two or more analgesics. This can reduce the dosage and complications, enhanced analgesia.
(6) Alternate medication: long-term repeated use of the same drug. The body would have the spirit of resistance and dependence should not rely on increasing the dose to achieve analgesia, it is timely to switch to other analgesic drugs, or alternative medicine in a planned way in advance.
(7) control of pain medication should be combined treatment: medication alone sometimes fail to analgesic effects, should be combined with other treatments, the pain caused by the tumor directly, such as the bone lesions caused by diffuse or localized pain, should be used analgesic drugs with anticancer drugs or radiation therapy can relieve symptoms; indirect cause of cancer pain, such as pain caused by concurrent infection, should be anti-inflammatory, analgesic and surgical; of radioactive neuritis caused by pain, analgesia should be used closure with local nerve medicine or herbal topical reading.
(8) control of pain medication to prevent side effects: active prevention and treatment, to avoid the side effects of analgesics to prevent pain medicine addiction.
(9) Drug choice: grading according to the degree of pain medicine. Mild pain: the breath mouth duo indomethacin (indomethacin)-based; moderate pain: Gui-triazine with a cloth (strong pain may be) or codeine, indomethacin (indomethacin); moderate to severe pain: two with hydrochloric acid Hydrogen etorphine (OHE), cloth Gui triazine (strong pain may be) or codeine, indomethacin (indomethacin), strong opioids.

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