Chinese medicine treatment of bladder cancer

By | April 19, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of bladder cancer, bladder cancer medicine that is due to the excessive mental and emotional stress, depression, or exogenous pathogens (that is, the external pathogenic factors) violations, as well as the body aging, the impact of their daily life, etc., causes the inner gas stagnation of blood stasis, and finally induced tumors. Or visceral disorders, disorder, etc., can become the cause of induced tumors.
1. Anticancer decoction
Polyporus, diffusa, fleas off, barbata, Wei storage, system Treats all three bait, provoke release Ren 50g. 1000 will be when the water on the drug, boiled for 30 minutes after the leaching liquid, add water 80 gal site, fry 20 minutes after the leaching liquid will be boiled out of the two fluids merge.
Operation: Zhu Huanzhe supine after emptying urine, insert the three-cavity catheter, taking traditional Chinese medicine decoction by adding the liquid 500 —- 1000ml bladder washing machine, the propellant temperature control 44C, and then connected to three-cavity tube The inlet and outlet pipes for automatic washing cycle, in the washing process, Zhu Huanzhe in the left and right supine and prone, supine position on a rotation change, each position for 15 minutes, so that uniform distribution of liquid in the bladder, treatment 2 hours after the evacuation. 1 week before treatment 6 times, later changed to 1 every 2 weeks, then treatment for 6 times, 12 times as a course of treatment.
2. Hedgehog hair vine soup
Hedgehog skin, to the 109 turtle worms, white hair vine, half the school lotus, Agrimony the 30g, Shi Wei, big business, small business all l5g. Decoction, one day, 2 times service.
Canadian soil has been heat-toxin Sheng Ling, Solanum nigrum, Delicious Grass F plus heat Sheng Di Huang Tang P Zhibai astringent poured urine or urine were added Zhimu closed, Cork, cinnamon.
Chinese medicine treatment of bladder cancer, 3. Snakes spring lamb soup
Solanum nigrum, Shen Ying, Ling night soil, Hedyotis diffusa, Duchesnea indica the 30g, sea Jinsha 12g, rushes, Clematis of the 109. Shuijianbi day one.

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