Cause the incidence of esophageal cancer

By | December 31, 2011

Cause of esophageal cancer 1. Mold of high and low incidence area of esophageal cancer comparison of mold in food, has proved to hold an Alternaria, Fusarium and aflatoxins, make changes in rats and carcinogenesis of esophageal papilloma.
Cause of esophageal cancer 2. Esophageal damage the local fast food hot, harsh, discipline membrane damage caused by food; repeated injury can cause mucosal hyperplasia, anaplastic, until the cancer.
Esophageal etiology 3. nitrite by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Institute found that high incidence of esophageal cancer in Henan eat sauerkraut Linxian residents and residents in the gastric juice, urine, containing nitrite rubber, can be induced animal cancer, and prove that the consumption of sauerkraut volume and proportional to the incidence of esophageal cancer.
Cause of esophageal cancer 4. Long-term smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of nutrition and trace elements in a large number of basic non-drinkers than in drinkers of more than 50-fold increase in the incidence of smokers 7 times higher than non-smokers, wine The incidence of those who smoked neither smoke nor drink 156 times. Diet deficient in vitamin, protein, essential fatty acids and trace elements, can esophageal Mongolia membrane hyperplasia, anaplastic, and further can cause cancer.
Cause of esophageal cancer 5. Genetic factors of esophageal cancer still significant family aggregation, even if moved by the high incidence of low-incidence area of immigration, in the long period of time over a hundred years, still remain high.

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