Hyperthermia therapy

By | December 31, 2011

Hyperthermia therapy is a biological effect of thermal treatment of tumors of the subjects. In short, through a variety of heating technology and methods, so the body of the tumor lesions of cancer patients to a certain degree of temperature, in order to kill tumor cells in treatment.
Hyperthermia therapy, the use of heat treatment of malignant tumors, has been in the clinical history of 100 years, but due to various factors, has been identified as 20 years ago was only following the surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy after the first 5 large tumor treatment. In recent years, with further research and development, heating treatment, there has been great development, but also set off a more sustained heat treatment of hot flashes.
Hyperthermia therapy, the clinical application of the three types of heat, local hyperthermia, including superficial heating, cavity heating and transplanting hyperthermia technology; regional hyperthermia mainly refers to the heating of deep tumors and a variety of perfusion techniques; Whole Body treatment. Hyperthermia in the end how many times the best, there is still no conclusion. Many more claims in clinical hyperthermia, but because of the impact of heat tolerance, the time interval between the two hyperthermia should not be less than 48_72-hour minimum, which means that the number of hyperthermia l week for up to 2 times. 1 week course can be 1 method of hyperthermia and radiation simultaneously.
Simultaneous heating and radiation therapy Sensitization of the largest, but in the light before and after more than 1 hour heating time, there are different degrees of radiation strengthening of the role. Radiotherapy and heating the same time, on the one hand led to increased normal tissue radiation injury, on the other hand it will be difficult to implement clinically, so it is not.
Hyperthermia therapy, the model is frequently used in clinical radiotherapy for the first heat, but after the first hyperthermia on the efficacy of radiation therapy is not obviously affected, but both try to control time of 40 minutes, no later than 1 hour good.

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