Cancer prevention

By | January 4, 2012

Cancer prevention, cancer is also called malignant tumors, are relatively benign. Cancer is the body in a variety of oncogenic factors, the local organization formed by abnormal proliferation of cells in the local mass. Benign easily cleaned, generally do not transfer, do not relapse, organ, tissue compression and blocking effect only. But cancer can also damage tissues and organs of the structure and function, causing hemorrhagic necrosis with infection, patients may end up as organ failure and death.
Prevention of cancer, almost every part of the body may be suffering from cancer against. Originally, the human biological machine that runs perfectly, but the cancer has changed this situation, it is the task of destruction. If continued, will wear down the human body. However, unlike tumor virus, not the external intruder, its composition and normal tissue, so too it can not identify the body immunity.
In order to people's health, experts made the following recommendations for cancer prevention:
1. To develop good habits, quit alcohol limit for men drinking alcohol in a day not more than 30 grams, women less than 15 grams. Smoking, the World Health Organization predicts that if people are not smoking, 5 years later, the world's cancer will be reduced by 1 / 3; Second, do not drink. Tobacco and alcohol is very acidic acid, long-term smokers who drink alcohol, can easily lead to acidic.
2. Do not eat too much salty and spicy food, do not eat hot, cold, overdue and bad food; daily salt intake of no more than 6 grams, eat preserved foods; elderly or infirm a disease genes are appropriate anti-cancer foods and eat high-alkali, alkaline foods, maintain a good mental state.
3. Have a good mentality to cope with stress, work and rest, do not fatigue. Visible cancer is an important incentive for the pressure, Chinese medicine, stress leads to fatigue physically weak to cause decreased immune function, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, leading to acid deposition in vivo; pressure can lead to stagnation of qi and blood stasis caused by mental stress, drugs, fire invagination and so on.
4. To enhance physical activity a day for 30 minutes to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity; enhance physical fitness, and more in the sun, exercise, more sweat can be the body acid excreted with the sweat and avoid the formation of acidic.
5. Life to the law, not the law of the people living habits, such as through the night singing karaoke OK, playing mahjong, night out and other living without the law, will increase the acidic, prone to cancer. Should develop good habits, so as to maintain alkaline constitution, so far from their various types of cancer diseases.
6. Not to eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish balls, moldy food, eat some organic food, to prevent the disease from the mouth.
7. Eat more vegetables and fruits, consumption of red meat per week shall not exceed 0.5 kg, to avoid eating processed meat products.
8. Avoid drinking sugary drinks, limit intake of high calorie foods;
9. Controlling weight, avoiding too light or too heavy, the adult weight gain should not exceed 5 kg.
10,. Do not eat charred food, directly on the fire, barbecue fish and meat or pickled meat, bacon eaten only occasionally.
11. Food additives, contaminants and residues lower than the limits set by the state that is safe, but misuse or improper use may affect health.
12. For the basic diet for people who follow the above recommendations, generally do not have to eat nutritional supplements, dietary supplements to reduce the risk of cancer may not help.
13. Do not eat at room temperature for too long, may be affected by mycotoxin contamination of food.
14. Cancer prevention to maintain good mental state, have the courage to face the disease.

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