Impact on cancer anal fistula

By | January 4, 2012

Impact on cancer anal fistula, one cancer anal fistula can it? What should I do?
Anal cancer often painful mass-based, a few cancer patients had no symptoms, neither pain nor change in bowel habits or stool and changes shape. Anorectal examination is often only a perianal mass outward bulge, the typical signs of anal fistula in the glue-like secretions outside the discharge port.
(1) Diagnosis: Early diagnosis is extremely difficult, is possible only by pathological examination confirmed diagnosis, the pathological specimen must be taken outside sclerosis, and in the anal area outside the mouth can not get the right biopsy pathology, and other examination methods, such as the digital rectal examination, rectal sigmoidoscopy and can not be confirmed.
(2) Treatment: often with abdominal perineal resection, in addition to the external skin and pelvic floor tissue should be completely clear, it must also be ischial rectal fossa and the gluteal muscles together with soft tissue removed. Removal of intra-abdominal surgery as long as the distal colon and rectum and sigmoid arteries can be. The possibility of recurrence of local excision.
Impact on cancer anal fistula, two, to determine anal cancer What is the standard pseudo-
Impact on cancer anal fistula, anal fistula cancer less common, reported in the literature, 0.1% cancer rate, clinical judgments from anal cancer, rather than incidental coexistence of other sources, or both, is an issue worthy of attention, The diagnostic criteria generally have the following aspects:
(1) anal cancer occurred in the past, there must be a long time. Its time long enough to rule out the possibility of pre-existing malignancy. Pre-existing time is normally 10 years for the degree.
(2), Connected anal cancer. Anal fistula in the mouth rather than leading to sinus cancer.
(3) tumor not seen in any part of the rectum and anal canal. Unless the tumor is indeed a direct erosion or extension into the area.

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