Relationship between esophageal cancer and diet

By | October 14, 2011

Esophageal cancer etiology is quite complex, with a variety of factors, here we talk about relations between esophageal cancer and diet. Scientists see from the current study, the following factors affect the incidence of the esophagus.
Relationship between esophageal cancer and diet (1) lack of vitamin A and vitamin C; epidemiologists found that people's diet in some areas around the world, few contain vitamins A and C, so that their high rate of esophageal cancer. Such as Iran, Central Asia, they rarely eat legumes, vegetables and fruit, of course, a lack of vitamin A and C to the. High incidence of esophageal cancer in Henan Forest City, also found that severe deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin C and only 30% of the normal scale of values of -50%, in addition, riboflavin (vitamin B2) is also generally inadequate.
Relationship between esophageal cancer and diet (2) the lack of certain trace elements: Asia, Africa, the survey also revealed that esophageal cancer patients who eat food, mostly the lack of zinc, magnesium grains such as corn, wheat. Our scientists also found high incidence of esophageal cancer drinking water, food and vegetables in the molybdenum, manganese, zinc, magnesium is low and the local population in serum molybdenum, zinc, magnesium and other elements are also low.
Relationship between esophageal cancer and diet (3) pickled and moldy foods: nitrosamines carcinogenic chemicals are strong and can cause a variety of tumors. Which dimethylnitrosamine and diethylnitrosamine and methyl benzyl nitrosamine in cured meat and fish were found. In addition, radish Chen, Chen cornmeal, sauerkraut and some moldy food, and even sausages, beer is also more or less exist. The high incidence of esophageal cancer among these are often consumed in the diet. Of course, moldy food in addition to nitrosamines, there are other toxins such as Fusarium, Candida, etc., they are synergistic with the carcinogenic effect of nitrosamines.
Relationship between esophageal cancer and diet (4) and other diet-related factors: Some surveys reveal the alcohol is a cause can not be ignored, drinking and smoking increase the incidence of esophageal cancer is significantly increased. Some scientists think that the food too hot or too coarse and heavy, particularly in the fibers with sharp esophageal burns and stab wounds, but also "do evil" accomplice.

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