Arcane esophagus diet

By | October 14, 2011

Esophageal cancer patients with special attention to diet, eat unfortunately it will get stuck, this time will be very painful, do not spit swallow does not go out, so patients should be special attention to diet should be based liquid such as milk, chicken soup , fish soup, especially the fish soup on the recovery after chemotherapy of great help.
Dietary treatment of esophageal cancer patients must be patient, do not eat less because the trouble and accommodation, must be careful to take care of the patient, if living carbazole can beat the waist to help spit or swallow food.
Arcane esophageal cancer diet:
(1) Do not eat iodine food. Cancer patients to eat seafood, like: crab, shrimp, fish without scales, seaweed, etc., including food and processing of iodized salt, the mass will rupture. Iodine exists in the waters, iodine solution can promote soft tissue, so it has expectorant effects, for benign tumors and vascular sclerosis, good. But for bleeding disorders and cancer, has always been hanged for. Therefore, the cancer buy pickles salt to eat.
(2) Special exaggerated, do not drink. China in the Ming Dynasty used to be a low concentration of alcohol, so the Water Margin in Song Wu Song Da Hu, three bowls of no more than the post is purely fictional. To have a distillation of wine making the Ming Dynasty, a significant progress in the concentration of alcohol. This is the cancer began to increase from the Ming Dynasty reasons. In the pharmacy where the wine has always been labeled poison. Do not promote drinking. High concentrations of alcohol can also cause mouth, esophagus, stomach, chronic injury. Any concentration of alcohol can cause blood heat. Especially to drink wine, the blood more easily causing heat Wang Xing. Western also thought that alcohol can promote the absorption of toxic substances, is a cancer-promoting agent.
Arcane esophagus diet (3) Do not eat spicy, cooking time can not put these spices. Like: pepper, ginger, pepper, raw onions, raw garlic and so on. Spicy fat objects, can easily result in blood heat Wang Xing. Some cancer is always unable to control the condition, the reason is that eating meals at home, eating meals in the restaurant, took to the streets to buy food, have put a spicy thing. How to make food delicious it? Do not use these things spicy flavor, use the original soup. Laotang the most simple, is to boil the carp and chicken. In this soup to cook stew.
(4) Do not eat cordyceps, ginseng essence, velvet fine, Gui-yuan, Astragalus, Lycium, Ginseng. Do not indiscriminate injections of interferon, thymosin and other supplements. Some people think that these drugs can make themselves stronger. Wrong! These drugs can make you burn. To promote rapid cancer growth and metastasis of the tumor. Others advocate eating turtle tortoise sea cucumber, which is what Yin phlegm, chronic bronchitis combined for. Cancer after eating, the mass will edema ulceration.
(5) Do not eat wild barbecue food. Any use of charcoal, coal, gas barbecue food, are carcinogenic styrene pyrene, who ate Shuidao Mei. Eat eat electric barbecue.
(6) Do not eat scalding food. Blanching of the dumplings, high concentrations of alcohol, eat garlic, the mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, causing chronic injury. Alcohol, the role of local anesthetic for the esophagus, so that those lost to food, esophageal burns in pain. So do not eat blanching food and drink scalding water. In addition, smoking, eating sticky and hard foods, are to be avoided.
Arcane esophagus diet (7) Do not eat aphrodisiac food. Like: lamb, dog, goose, dove, sparrow, and so on. Many animals contain hormones. Pig's neck with the thyroid, people will eat poisoned. Some people say that cows and chickens, are also made, especially on her ass can not eat chicken, but the book does not say.
Esophageal cancer care through the familiar diet, it is best for esophageal cancer patients eat? Can eat a lot. Like, pork, beef, beef offal, milk, chicken, eggs, duck, duck, donkey, scaly river fish; vegetables, fruits, beans and so on. You can also Aohao the fish soup, beef soup, beef tendon soup by adding vegetables, rice, millet, corn, noodles and other Gong Zhu.
Esophageal cancer diet secret law also bread, rice, steamed corn bread, steamed buns, dumplings, lo mein and so on. But must Shulan. Solid food must be fine and thin, eggplant, tomatoes can be cut into more than speculation until the speculation into the mud for a while and adjust seasoning on it, these two dishes is pretty good, but also for cancer patients to eat, and then there is other meat, vegetables to eat when you can chop foam.

drinking wine after recovery esophageal cancer

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