Gastric perforation overview

By | April 12, 2012

Overview gastric perforation, 1. Causes, mainly in the depressed, when the cancer develops to a certain extent, the local erosion of gastric cancer and due to the weak, the role of external factors such as experience the following could occur perforation: meal examination of the gastrointestinal Dayton. gastroscopy. radiotherapy. bleeding gastric ulceration.
2. clinical manifestations of acute perforation of a sudden onset of acute diffuse peritonitis was the performance. recessive chronic perforation or perforation, slow onset, may have limitations tenderness or mass. Penetration of other organs to the most common penetrating transverse colon, manifested as spit dung, warm gas with fecal smell and diarrhea.
Gastric perforation overview 3. Diagnosis
(1) age over 40 years history of gastric ulcer, and who suddenly developed acute peritonitis.
(2) pit of the stomach discomfort before perforation, loss of appetite, stomach area after eating Fullness full swelling, weight loss, anemia and other symptoms and upper gastrointestinal bleeding or fecal occult blood positive.
(3) The following signs seen with perforation of gastric cancer will help determine: metastases, particularly in the supraclavicular lymph nodes. ascites traits: perforated gastric mostly brown or bloody ascites. abdominal X-ray examination see abdomen, chest top of free gas.
Perforated gastric comprehensive introduction, 4. Treatment should in principle be a positive surgery. Such as the patient's condition permits, palliative or radical gastrectomy.

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