Comprehensive description of bile duct obstruction

By | April 12, 2012

Bile duct obstruction comprehensive introduction, 1. Causes: cholangiocarcinoma. pancreatic cancer. duodenal cancer. duodenal cancer.
2. Clinical manifestations: cholangiocarcinoma, papillary carcinoma, membrane adenocarcinoma, duodenal cancer, and so, to a certain level can cause the development of bile duct obstruction and yellow appear obstructive disease. Cholangiocarcinoma is the performance of progressive obstructive deepen Yellow Fever, hepatomegaly quality hard, the gallbladder can shrink the liver bile duct, bile duct cancer, the bottom can be enlarged when the gallbladder, membrane head cancer, papillary carcinoma may be no pain or only on persistent abdominal dull pain, progressive deepening yellow plague, gallbladder and liver can be enlarged; duodenal cancer, according to the site of occurrence is different at different times caused by bile duct obstruction, such as near the nipple around the obstruction can be caused by an earlier yellow disease, such as larger tumor, they can still cause duodenal obstruction.
3. Diagnosis: According to the clinical features, supplemented by a supplementary examination, more able to make a diagnosis. laboratory tests: serum total bilirubin and conjugated bilirubin were increased, urine bilirubin positive. radionuclide scanning, can show obstruction of biliary excretory function. B over to where the tumor location and scope of violations. CT examination is more accurate than the B-site and extent of the tumor. ERCP can show duct, membrane pressure, obstruction, and thereby determine the location and size of the tumor. Biopsy can be carried out simultaneously, or for treatment of bile duct into the nasal drainage.
Bile duct obstruction comprehensive introduction, 4. Treatment: No matter what kind of cancer once clear, in principle, be an early surgical treatment. Esophageal tumor resection feasible, biliary-enteric anastomosis, film head cancer, papillary carcinoma feasible WhippleF surgery, duodenal cancer, in accordance with their different parts, or line or line Whipple surgery, including tumor resection, including portions of the duodenum . If the tumor is already advanced, difficult to remove, should choledochojejunostomy short circuit, etc., or gastrointestinal surgery to relieve intestinal obstruction. Timely and systemic support treatment.

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