Advanced liver cancer can be long to live either

By | October 15, 2011

Advanced liver cancer long to live either? This is a lot of patients with advanced liver cancer patients and their families concerns. Often similar to their physician asked about the subject, for the liver long to live either late in the end the problem, it is very good answer, is a systematic treatment of liver cancer treatment process, involving lot of factors, the total to that the liver cancer much longer survival of patients with advanced liver cancer in other words how long depends on the adequacy of treatment and the patient's health. Besides liver cancer patients with advanced liver cancer or their families learn more about the treatment of advanced knowledge, and physician communication, advanced liver cancer are helping the extension of survival.
Also depends on the treatment of advanced liver cancer drug treatment, drug treatment including traditional Chinese medicine and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy for advanced liver cancer have a more direct treatment effect, can shrink the tumor to some extent, alleviate the symptoms, but the clinical statistics show that in patients with advanced liver cancer with chemotherapy treatment alone is not ideal, partly because of advanced liver cancer a wide range of more complications, partly because patients with advanced liver cancer have poor physical properties, chemical drugs have greater side effects, would restrain the human immune system, damage to human performance, although the short term improve the symptoms, extending the permanent survival, but long-term effect is not good. Chinese medicine for the body of conservative treatment, short-term effect of chemotherapy did not direct, but also improving the quality of life, survival has never extended a significant role. Some data indicate that the treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma group than in chemotherapy group of Chinese medicine is superior. To thiotepa, fluorouracil 1 year, survival rates were 8.9%, 9.9%, treatment group 1 year survival rate was 38.7%. Therefore, choosing the appropriate treatment for advanced liver cancer is extremely important to long to live either.
Patients with advanced liver cancer long to live either physical fitness is an important decision factor, physical performance, immune system strong to resist the development of cancer, tolerance of a variety of drug treatment. Therefore, the progress of the immune performance and enhance force to resist the tumor in patients with advanced liver cancer is extremely important. First of all, in their daily diet, should be regular, quantitative, Eat small meals often to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract; eat vitamin foods, eat more vegetables and fruit; eat food containing the tumor suppressor role, such as kale, cabbage, etc.; adhere to the low-fat, high protein, digestible food. Alternatively, you can rely on to take the role of a Liver qi in Chinese medicine to enhance immune function.
Overall, survival of patients with advanced liver cancer vary, patients should establish a commitment to faith, clearly aware of their stage of disease, to find the most appropriate treatment. Followed by treatment of excellence, new treatments and drugs are increasingly used in the treatment of advanced liver cancer to make the survival of patients with advanced liver cancer was significantly higher than before. Do not trapped in the liver of patients with advanced long to live either affect the treatment of mood this subject, and do not easily believe that certain drugs can promote long to live either with advanced liver cancer how long of the ad. Advanced liver cancer in the end to long to live either in patients with this topic for any of the answers are not necessarily cut as soon as possible to receive formal treatment is the most important.

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