Advantages and disadvantages of cancer treatment

By | October 15, 2011

Advantages and disadvantages of cancer treatment:

Advantages and disadvantages of surgical treatment of cancer treatment:
Indications: early, middle and limitations of radical cancer treatment, palliative treatment of advanced tumors.

Advantages: Surgery is a mechanical means, to temporarily remove the large tumor, there is no resistance to chemotherapy, radiation resistance and other topics.
Disadvantages: Traumatic larger, and some parts of surgery is difficult, not valid for sub-clinical metastases, in the treatment there are some limitations, can not completely eliminate the cancer cells, cancer cells in a certain period of time will be long.

Advantages and disadvantages of radiotherapy cancer treatment:

Regional sensitivity of cancer.

the use of multi-beam radiation caused by the focus of high-energy cross-killing cancer cells, radiation, strong anti-mitotic cells, is an important means of cancer treatment for many cancers can produce temporary control of the results.


  1. radiation therapy equipment is expensive, the treatment expense is higher.
  2. radiation therapy long period, which normally takes 1 to 2 months.
  3. radiation, more complications, and even loss of function caused by sector.
  4. radiation treatment is not good, and can not completely eradicate cancer cells, cancer cells in a certain period of time will be long.

Advantages and disadvantages of chemotherapy tumor treatment:

post-operative patients; in advanced cancer; metastatic cancer; sub-clinical metastasis.


Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals for treatment, the anticancer drugs into the human body can quickly spread to the whole body, can kill cancer cells locally, but also kill the metastasis of cancer cells, is a systemic treatment, more is more than restrain tumor growth and spread of the primary tumor, metastasis, subclinical metastases are temporary control role.


  1. no chemical drugs to kill cancer cells specifically, to kill cancer cells also kill normal cells, chemotherapy will shorten the survival of patients over time.
  2. the department of tumor is not sensitive to the drug, the use of chemotherapy, no clinical value.
  3. chemotherapy can not completely kill all the cancer cells in vivo, in a certain time, cancer will relapse or metastasis.

Advantages and disadvantages of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer conservative treatment:
For disease: post-operative patients; early, middle and advanced cancer; metastasis and recurrence of cancer; are chemotherapy patients.

  1. Chinese traditional medicines are warm, non-toxic, without any side effects.
  2. acid-base balance by regulating the body fluids, improving physical fitness, so that cancer cells do not survive, can completely control the soaring cancer cells, so that no recurrence and metastasis of cancer cells.
  3. conservative treatment of Chinese starved to death in the total cancer cells also have enhanced the patient’s body immune system, improve the quality of life of patients, reduce patient suffering, prolong life and other effects.

Disadvantages: some time to bear fruit slowly. Generally takes 3-5 cycles of time.

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