You will have stomach cancer after excision of

By | March 27, 2012

Gastric ulcer, erosive gastritis, gastric cancer and other diseases are caused by the fuse, if the method of eliminating these risk factors, is not to "catch" cancer cell invasion is not it? In fact, according to the clinical data show that gastric cancer resection , the ratio of gastric cancer is 1% -11%, accounting for 0.4% -5.5%, the total number of gastric cancer generally occurs 5-10 years after the operation, and anastomotic and gastric cardia is most prevalent.
Done gastric resection people suffering from stomach cancer is not uncommon, because most patients were off guard, thinking that removed most of the stomach, cancer cells, there is no chance of invasion. Duodenal bile and pancreatic enzymes will dissolve the number of epithelial cells, which are alkaline digestive juice of the gastric mucosa has a strong stimulating effect, can damage the stomach teaching role of the membrane barrier protection, easy to cause gastritis, the long run will lead to Lian bad stomach, bleeding, ulceration, atrophy, and gradually evolved into gastric cancer.
In general, the gastric resection refers to the stomach resection in 2 / 3 of the site. But the residual parts such as gastric cancer, there is no specific symptoms, clinical manifestations and the stomach, similar to symptoms of duodenal ulcer. Therefore, gastrectomy more than 5 years, there may occur the following symptoms:
(1), upper abdominal fullness, pain, indigestion, loss of appetite, not improved by the drug treatment condition.
(2), unexplained weight loss or anemia.
(3) upper gastrointestinal bleeding, persistent positive fecal occult blood test and so on. In case of above symptoms, due early hospital related checks, so as not to delay treatment.
In addition, after gastric cancer surgery should pay attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, do not eat spicy food, no drinking, no smoking. After 5 years, the best endoscopy once a year, or cytology. Atypical hyperplasia is found, should consider the possibility of early gastric stump cancer, surgery and other treatment as soon as possible.

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