Conquest of cancer a few knives

By | March 27, 2012

Conquest of cancer a few knife 1. Microwave knife
Because of their limited energy, and the penetration force is small, currently only for puncture, local hyperthermia and positioning sintering.
Conquest of cancer a few knife 2. Laser knife
Thin laser beam to 1700oC role in human tissue temperatures above, so in a very short time expansion, explosion and gasification. High-power laser scalpel blade and ordinary, like a skin incision, removing the function of the tumor; low-power laser knife can be used to burn blood vessels to stop bleeding; even smaller, enabling expansion of local tissue blood vessels, micro-circulation of a therapeutic effect . Current clinical, has been widely used for removal of a variety of laser knife tumors, particularly rich in blood supply, is located deep in the tumor.
Conquest of cancer a few knife 3. Gamma Knife
It is a kind of enormous energy and strong penetration of radiation. Treatment, the patient was admitted to the surgical site of a stainless steel hemisphere, the gamma rays to shoot out from these pores, through the skin, bone marrow and other organizations, brought together eleven in the target lesion. The positioning accuracy and will not harm the surrounding normal tissue. Total energy sources are limited, only for the treatment of disease of 2.5 cm diameter tumor. Gamma knife treatment of brain used for the bottom and high-risk parts of the tumor.
Conquest of cancer a few knife 4. X ray knife
The same principles and gamma knife, but sources are different. In order to avoid hurting other parts, using stereotactic techniques, due to radiation dose, can target the diseased tissue in the slow condensation and died soon after exposure can be sintered more than 3 cm in diameter, extent of disease, so the application of more wide.

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