Why the transfer of tumor spread

By | April 9, 2012

Cancer metastasis and spread of the tumor growth pattern and cancer characteristics. The reasons for the transfer of tumor spread can be summarized as the following aspects.
1. Cancer cells reproduce faster, due to sharp increase in the number of the original space for no less than so many cells, where the muscles shrink the tumor, visceral motility, massage, compression and other mechanical stimulation may promote tumor spread metastasis.
2. As the continuous infiltration of tumor cell growth, the local cell density increases. Extrusion capacity of the large adjacent tissue, and because the malignant tumor cell membranes to reduce the calcium content, decreased cell adhesion to each other easily separated, which gives the tumor cell invasion or spread to create the conditions.
3. Still have some cancer cells have a certain activity, and some release of some diffusion factor, such as hyaluronidase, mucopolysaccharide matrix can be dissolved, also in tumor invasion and metastasis of these play a catalytic role.
4. Cancer cells can induce thrombosis contains a special material that can be attached to cancer cells into the bloodstream or other parts of the vessel wall and continue to grow, to lay the foundation for hematogenous metastasis. Tumors are typically easy to transfer to the rich blood supply to organs such as bone, liver, lung, brain. In addition to characteristics of the tumor itself, the transfer occurred. Also with the patient's state of the body, the patient's general condition is poor, or immune function, can increase the chance of tumor metastasis.
However, spread of the tumor caused the causes and mechanism of transfer is far from the simple, some tumors tend to metastasize, and some do not; some organs and tissues easily transferred, while others are little school transfer. Generally speaking, poorly differentiated cancer cells, early metastasis, metastasis wide range of degree of malignancy is also high; differentiated, less malignant.
Suffering from the same cancer in different patients, and why there are different transfer case? This sooner or later, and patients with diseases of the body status. When the cancer in its early stages, the proliferation of opportunities to spread less if the transfer before the occurrence of radical transfer to exclude the possibility. To treat late stage, will form a smoke everywhere, keep track of the passive situation. Also in good health, strong resistance of cancer who may later transfer occurs, transfer more limited scope. When the physical condition deteriorated, the resistance drops, the condition will deteriorate rapidly, the tumor cells will be like a dam burst, as inexorably spread. The purpose of the current comprehensive treatment is to reduce the incidence of metastasis, which for prolonging survival and reducing mortality has important practical significance. In addition to early treatment, should also be from other aspects of extensive research and exploration.

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