What is the comprehensive treatment of the tumor

By | April 9, 2012

Comprehensive treatment of cancer , surgery is still so far the preferred method of treatment of cancer is the most effective part of early cancer treatment. But the one-way operation, even at the so-called "super-radical surgery", many patients ultimately died of recurrence and metastasis, even if I non-small cell lung cancer stage by 5 years after surgery, about 30% died of distant metastasis and (or) recurrence. Radiation therapy is local control of unresectable disease and effective treatment, but can not solve the problem of tumor metastasis or recurrence; chemical treatment, that is, directly or indirectly through a variety of drugs to kill patients in different parts of the tumor cells in vivo, but the tumor load local lesions often large, treatment is less than radiotherapy; biological therapy in particular has a clear target for monoclonal antibodies against gene therapy products can be certain tumors, such as advanced breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and malignant lymphoma alone, combined with chemotherapy but also obtain good effect, there will prolong survival role.
Cancer treatment has now entered the era of comprehensive treatment, clinical stage proved by any single method of treatment are often difficult to obtain the best results. Therefore, in addition to some early tumors and specific types of tumors than the individual, the principles of cancer treatment is the most comprehensive treatment. The body based on the patient condition, tumor pathology, violations of the range (of disease) and development trends, planned and rational application of existing treatments to improve cancer cure rate of more substantial, prolong survival and improve the patients quality of life. Now includes a variety of tumors, including lung cancer treatment are in the comprehensive treatment stage, are not a substitute for any single treatment model of comprehensive treatment.
General Early (I, II) to surgical excision and postoperative adjuvant therapy is based on the specific circumstances of the case; III period (including resectable IIIA) in an integrated treatment of the main; IV of chemotherapy and improving quality of life in the main and according to the specific circumstances of some of the metastases to radiotherapy and interventional palliative treatment. How will surgery, radiotherapy, interventional therapy, as the representative of the local hyperthermia treatment with the chemotherapy, biological therapy, targeted therapy, gene therapy, traditional Chinese medicine as the representative of the organic integration of systemic therapy, in which patients get the best treatment effect, is a highly complex issue, but also oncologists are currently ongoing research to explore the hot issues. So far, the best model for cancer treatment under study.
Comprehensive treatment of cancer patient's body to attach equal importance to the specific circumstances and characteristics of the tumor to avoid one-sided, reduce the faults. Is not a comprehensive treatment of the tumor surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological therapy and medical treatment in a simple combination of a variety of treatments, but a planned, step by step, sequential aggregation of individual treatment is a systematic treatment process that requires surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other disciplines to collaborate effectively to complete successfully. Not all tumors require combined treatment, some are not disseminated tumor and metastasis of early low of limited tumor, a single treatment can achieve very good therapeutic effect, usually do not need comprehensive treatment.

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