Why should pay attention to follow-up after resection of lung cancer

By | December 28, 2011

Patients in whom cancer after a long struggle to make preparations for the purpose of lung cancer with postoperative follow-up included evaluation of therapy, monitoring the primary tumor recurrence, second primary concern of cancer.
Or whatever the preferred mode of treatment, lung cancer after treatment should be followed for life, if preoperative treatment should be checked monthly to determine the treatment effect in time to complete the treatment is still the so-called re-staging should be examined to ultimately determine whether the patient for surgery, the specific content of same with the initial inspection. Check the time after surgery in the first year once every 3 months the second year, once every six months, after which the absence of special circumstances once per 1 year. If during the routine examination of patients can not explain weight loss, pain and other symptoms of tumor spread, do not rigidly adhere to the above time limit shall promptly make the appropriate checks. There are 3 types of lung cancer recurrence: local recurrence of lung; adjacent site recurrence and distant metastasis. Therefore, a comprehensive examination should include medical history and physical examination strictly. Yu Lung common sites of metastases of lung cancer, in addition to the transfer is common in the brain, bone, liver, adrenal glands and other organs. Commonly used method for the chest and abdominal CT, brain CT, whole body bone scan, abdominal B-, PET and related tumor markers checked.
For lung cancer resection follow-up of poor efficacy or even if disease progression occurred, it should consider changing treatment options, and then found not suitable for surgical treatment of stage should be timely transfer to the treatment of radiation-based.
Follow-up after resection of lung cancer, if it is the recurrence of postoperative recurrence, as part of a treatment plan, recurrent lung surgery or radiotherapy can be used, of course, and then radiation therapy can also be used for surgical prophylaxis after surgery. Respiratory tract obstruction caused by the choice of laser vaporization, short-range radiation or photodynamic therapy. If the superior vena cava obstruction caused by stent can also be used radiotherapy. If it is distant metastasis, the treatment depends on the location and number of transfers, the transfer is isolated surgical indications. Radiation therapy can relieve the symptoms of multiple brain metastases, bone metastases can ease the pain and help healing. Special parts of the transfer of surgical fixation can also play a role, so as to reduce pain and maintain function.

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