Common early signs of pancreatic cancer

By | December 28, 2011

Both internal and external secretory function of the pancreas, small size, its anatomic position and depth, but also with the stomach and duodenum, bile duct and other organs nearby, so the late appearance of clinical symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is difficult, when the typical symptoms, the cancer often has been developed to the advanced stage. Therefore, the elderly, especially older men, found that they have repeatedly epigastric discomfort, fullness, nausea, vomiting, stomach treated by ineffective, or abdominal pain radiation to back, should prompt attention to check the pancreas.
Common clinical signals of early pancreatic cancer:
Early signs of pancreatic cancer (1), abdominal discomfort and pain: 60% of patients some of the early symptoms, manifested as abdominal pain and discomfort can not tell, stuffy feeling blocked, when light weight, from time to time, usually at night more obvious. The reason for this feeling is not clear. Such as: and eat chili, drink, hunger has nothing to do. And this uncomfortable feeling is continuing uninterrupted, and will gradually increase the pain became faint, implicated in the back of the waist, back, sometimes accompanied by weight loss, physical fatigue, weakness, or of diabetes. This is an early manifestation of adenocarcinoma of the film. This occurs to the hospital to be checked.
Early signs of pancreatic cancer (2) loss of appetite, weight loss: loss of appetite as the first symptom to about 10%, in part to weight loss as the first symptoms. In fact, this is not early signs. Less satisfied with that, nausea and vomiting, change in bowel habits, weight loss for the four pancreatic cancer early symptoms.
Early signs of pancreatic cancer (3) jaundice: 14% of the first symptom of pancreatic cancer patients. In the past that "painless jaundice" is a typical manifestation of pancreatic cancer, is not the case, the majority of patients with varying degrees of abdominal pain.

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