What is a Ming-cell tumor of adrenal

By | April 7, 2012

What is adrenal Ming-cell tumor, adrenal tumor Ming rare, more common in the prime of life, if the childhood-onset, age peak is 9 – 14 years old. Tumor cells secrete large amounts of norepinephrine, blood pressure and metabolism often increases as the main clinical manifestations. Blood and urine catechu gum and its metabolites hope in diagnosis of great help to the most sensitive urinary AVM.
What is adrenal Ming-cell tumor, some patients may be no obvious symptoms or no symptoms, the so-called occult addicted to anchor cell tumors. Surgery may be due to a sudden onset of symptoms.
Addicted to anchor cell tumor occurs mainly in the adrenal medulla, 10% – 15% occurred in the adrenal addicted to network organization, in other parts of the sympathetic nervous system such as the carotid body, para-aortic sympathetic ganglia, addicted to anchorage, and the bladder wall and so can occur. 10% of the addicted to the wrong cell tumor of the multiple, you can double-adrenal simultaneously.
Ming-cell tumor pathology addicted to more than 90% are benign, malignant, about 5%. Prone to blood and lymphatic metastasis. Imaging Findings: adrenal gland mass lesions are direct signs of this disease. Generally larger in diameter than 3cm, were round or oval-shaped mass can be slightly lobulated, clear boundary. More uniform density of small tumors, large tumors prone to cystic degeneration, hemorrhage and necrosis, a few cases visible calcification within the tumor.
What is the adrenal tumor Ming, enhanced significantly enhanced the tumor, showing marked enhancement of the cord-like shadow is connected with the capsule will be separated into more room-like tumors. Cystic degeneration and necrosis did not enhanced. Such as large cystic tumor looks like a thick-walled cyst cavity is not smooth.
Malignant tumors generally addicted to lead larger, unclear or irregular edges, uneven density, transfer to the adjacent liver and para-aortic lymph nodes, hemorrhage, necrosis, cystic change significantly.

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